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Interpreting used oil analysis

“Think of oil analysis as a visit to your engine’s health care professional,” says Edward Covington, vice president, quality assurance at WIX Filters. “Oil analysis provides fact-based information on the oil’s condition, which can then be used to determine the engine’s condition. The data will help answer questions such as is the oil and filter

WIX Filters celebrates 75th anniversary

WIX Filters celebrated its 75th anniversary with a Founder’s Day event highlighted by a $7,500 donation to Gaston County Schools as a kick-off to the system’s annual school supply drive. The event also included proclamations from federal, state and local officials recognizing WIX’s spirit of innovation and rich tradition of excellence, a luncheon for WIX’s

Ten maintenance tips for heavy-duty engine coolant systems

More than half of heavy-duty engine failures are due to improper maintenance. The coolant system is responsible for removing approximately 30% of combustion heat of heavy-duty engines, while more than 53% of premature engine failures are due to improper maintenance, says Paul Bandoly, fleet manager Wix Filters. Proper understanding of coolant types and adherence to

Wix Filters ten maintenance tips
Cleaning heavy-duty air filters

Several questions should enter truck operators’ minds when selecting air filters for your trucks. According to Wix Filter engineers, it only takes 8 oz. of dirt to destroy a diesel engine. Those questions, as offered by Wix, should include: • The type of sealing gasket; a close look at the media or paper and the

Cleaing Heavy Duty Air Filters