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XTRA Lease Indianapolis relocates to new facility near I-74

XTRA Lease has moved its Indianapolis operations to a brand-new facility on the west side of the city at 10484 East County Road 300 North, Indianapolis, IN, 46234, and is now open for business. The company offers a mix of semi-trailers for rent and lease, including dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, storage trailers and specialty equipment. In

XTRA Lease adds 4,000 new trailers in 2020

New trailers are coming off production now for XTRA Lease, which has ordered approximately 4,000 new trailers for 2020. With the industry and economy suffering an unrivaled dip due to COVID-19, XTRA Lease is still adding a mix of dry vans and reefers to its fleet, the company says. New trailers will arrive at each

Finding benefits in leasing and outsourced truck maintenance services

Uptime is always driven by a strong maintenance program, notes Steve Zaborowski, senior vice president at XTRA Lease. “Our customers need to manage trucks, freight and drivers, so we’re focused on providing different types of services to keep them up and running,” he says. “Especially as we add trailers to our fleet, that means being

Xtra Lease to offer SAF-Holland P89 air disc brake

Xtra Lease announced that it is installing SAF-Holland’s P89 air disc brakes on more than 6,000 of its over-the-road dry vans and reefers purchased in 2018. According to Xtra Lease, the reasons for choosing the P89 air disc brakes for its trailers include the following: The ability to provide a lower maintenance trailer to fleets

Optimizing trailer life and service with doors, lift gates and floors

By nature of their application, trailers tend to spend more time away from the home base than in residence. For that reason, it becomes very important to mitigate the wear-and-tear damage related to cargo shifting, loading and unloading, all of which can have a direct impact on doors, lift gates and floors. You can do

Maximizing equipment investments: making the right purchase/lease decisions

Controlling equipment costs is always top of mind for fleets. Whether fleets lease or buy, spec’ing and maintaining equipment for resale—and—choosing the right financial and/or leasing partner is the key to optimizing investments. According to Patrick Gaskins, group vice president financial services, CTP AmeriQuest Financial Services, “Trailer specifications are evolving just as rapidly as tractor

XTRA Lease adding 9,000 new trailers this year

XTRA Lease ordered approximately 9,000 new trailers for 2015. The company is adding a mix of dry vans, liftgated vans, reefers, flatbeds and chassis, according to its announcement. New trailers will arrive at each of the company’s 53 rental locations throughout the year. As with recent XTRA Lease purchases, all 53-ft. vans and reefers will

XTRA Lease adds new corrosion-fighting trailers

XTRA Lease has ordered approximately 5,000 new trailers for 2014, most of which will be built with corrosion-fighting galvanized steel components. The company is adding a mix of dry vans, liftgated vans and reefers equipped with new fuel-saving Thermo King Precedent reefer units. For the first time, XTRA Lease will offer dry vans built with galvanized rear

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