Volvo Trucks N.A. president on the market, EV growth and a Super Truck

Volvo Trucks N.A. president on the market, EV growth and a Super Truck

It's an ATA MCE tradition that we catch up with Volvo Trucks North America President Peter Voorhoeve. Here's what he had to say.

It has been an unexpectedly solid year for the overall truck market and a notable year for Volvo Trucks North America, announcing technologies like Connected Vehicle Analytics earlier this year, Volvo Connect more recently, and rolling out its SuperTruck 2, all while continuing to invest in and develop zero emissions commercial vehicles.

“This year was a strong year; we will end a little bit stronger than what we originally believed. So a very, very strong year,” Peter Voorhoeve, president of Volvo Trucks North America, said standing in the OEM’s booth at ATA’s MCE in front of the newly unveiled Super Truck 2. “2024 will be a strong year as well, although we see some changes in the market.”

Those changes will come not just in in terms of truck sales but also in terms of equipment. The Volvo Trucks Super Truck 2 highlighted a host of forward-thinking freight efficiency technologies, from a 4×2 configuration with smaller size tires to an aggressive aerodynamic design. With a goal of increasing freight efficiency by 100%, Volvo exceeded expectations by achieving a 134% improvement.

Then there’s the truck equipment service and support network that supports the continued adoption of electric vehicles. The network comprises a host of dealership owners who have increased investment in their locations and are accelerating their adoption of EV certifications to meet the needs of the evolving market.

These were all topics that Voorhoeve touched on at the show when we had the chance to corner him with a camera. Watch the video above for all of his market and truck equipment insight. Then catch up on Volvo’s recent ATA MCE announcements.


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