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Cummins talks hydrogen generation, the Daimler medium-duty engine deal (plus more outtakes from our executive interview)

There was a lot to talk about with Jennifer Rumsey, Cummins president and chief operating officer, during our interview for our executive story on diesel, decarbonization and the path forward for Cummins. There were a number of interesting power-driven topics that we couldn’t cover in that story that found their way here. You can read

Podcast: Extras from FE’s Mack Trucks Executive Interview

Every month on Fleet Equipment, we do a big, wide-ranging executive interview with one major company in the industry, and this month it was Mack Trucks. The story centered in part on their new LR Electric, which is currently being tested by a couple of fleets and will enter production soon. You can check that

Here’s what’s next for Navistar: Executive interview with Persio Lisboa

We built an interactive digital story through the mind of Navistar COO Persio Lisboa for a glimpse at the future of International Trucks.

Executive Interview: Cooper Tire is sticking to the plan for its truck tires

When you set out to accomplish a goal, the most daunting part is the beginning. It’s looking at the blank piece of paper, the immaculately clear whiteboard, or the empty, recently rented office space, and realizing that it’s time to start building something—as soon as you figure out where to start. Once something’s in motion,

Executive interview outtakes: Kent Jones, SAF-Holland

Editing means that a lot of great info gets left on the cutting room floor. Maybe the story is too long. Maybe it doesn’t fit the narrative pace. Maybe there’s no good place to insert a cool factoid. That doesn’t mean that it’s not insightful. It just means that after writing a story I get

Watch: Six Geotab executive interviews in about six minutes

Watch what happens when I corner Geotab executives and ask them fleet-focused questions.

Executive Interview: Hino stretches into new markets with upgraded, extended equipment offerings

The rollout of Hino’s new XL Series provided the platform for the extended cab and crew cab configurations for both the XL and L Series—which the company showed off in its booth at this year’s NACV show.

Executive interview: Kenworth is rolling with the changes

The sun is streaming through the shades of Kevin Baney’s corner office at Kenworth headquarters in Kirkland, Washington. It’s a brilliantly sunny morning—a rarity for Washington in October, Kevin tells me. Below these shades is a shelf on which sits three detailed models of Kenworth trucks—the T680, T880 and W990. Each of these models is

Outtakes from our Kenworth executive interview

In the world of print magazines, there’s only so much space that we can fill, and Fleet Equipment has the knack for packing our print issues with a truckload of insightful info. Believe it or not, great kernels of knowledge still get left on the editing room floor. But in the digital world, anything goes.

The next step in truck evolution: Freightliner, Detroit executive interview

Last year was a big year for Freightliner. Even after setting both company and industry records for order intake, Freightliner Trucks, driven by the Detroit powertrain, is showing no sign of slowing down in 2015. Richard Howard, senior vice president, sales and marketing, for Daimler Trucks North America, shares his thoughts on where the truck