Using artificial intelligence to make a real impact on driver safety

Using artificial intelligence to make a real impact on driver safety

Click! It’s the sound of safety. As soon as the driver pulls the door closed, the seat belt should be buckled. It should be automatic, a habit of muscle memory built over time, especially with highly trained commercial drivers. But it’s not automatic. A recent study by Verizon Connect indicated that more than 10% of drivers using its AI Dashcam were not utilizing their seat belts.

The excuses might be plentiful—”I’m just moving it over there”—and perhaps even understandable—”I’ve been in and out of the truck all day; I just forgot this time”—but this simple safety device saves commercial driver lives. It’s even more crucial than ever as FMCSA survey data shows that 64 percent of trucking drivers not wearing seat belts were killed in automobile accidents.

“We looked at over seven million videos from Verizon Connect’s own cam footage earlier this year, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to go through that footage quickly,” explained Kevin Aries, associate director of product success at Verizon Connect. “What we found was that one in every 10 commercial drivers operated their vehicle without their seat belt fastened. It’s concerning, especially since it’s actually a growing trend.”

Aries noted that A.I. allows fleet managers to quickly identify safety training teachable moments within the countless hours of video footage. It also enables them to provide real-time feedback to drivers. Rather than waiting for an end-of-day report, drivers receive instantaneous alerts about possible distractions or lane deviations via the Verizon Connect AI Dashcam, Aries mentioned. This immediate feedback mechanism allows drivers to rectify any potential issues, enhancing road safety.

Seat belt usage wasn’t the only safety metric that Verizon Connect analyzed with the power of A.I. Watch the video above for more on how A.I. is being leveraged to help make commercial trucking operations safer.


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