Gary Schroeder, Author at Fleet Equipment Magazine
Three tips for longer commercial truck tire life

While aerodynamics, the proper spec and the enforcement of reduced idling practices can help keep fuel costs under control, keeping a watchful eye on tire life and maintenance can make all the difference on a fleet’s service P&L.

SmartWay tires: The smart choice

The title of this article says it all. If you’re not using SmartWay tires, you should be.

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The four pillars of your true tire costs

Typically there are four pillars to determine your true cost: Initial tire cost, mileage to removal, fuel efficiency and retreadability (or casing value).

What you can do to keep track of tire inflation and wear

Maintaining proper inflation pressure in tires is the single most important factor in extending tire life. Both overinflation and underinflation have a negative impact on the tire’s footprint and tread wear. When the tire is not contacting the road as the tire design intended, the tread area will wear irregularly, and therefore, more rapidly. Underinflation

Signs of truck tire wear: What to look for and what to do next

Managing your tire program requires looking for signs of wear or damage and properly maintaining your vehicle to help avoid issues so you get the maximum return on your investment. The development of irregular tire wear is very common on trucks of all types. Some of the common causes include alignment issues, under-inflation, overloading, suspension

Proper truck tire selection, management leads to long service life

Having a proper tire management program is crucial for any size fleet, as it can make your maintenance operation more efficient and help reduce the total cost of tire ownership. Tire management begins with selecting the correct tire for a specific application. Long haul and regional operations can overlap with each other at times, so

Prepare for a faster pace of change in the truck tire industry

Let’s take a look at four areas in which change is taking place in the commercial tire industry: consolidation among freight carriers, government regulations, final mile delivery and electric trucks. Freight consolidation In 2017, there were approximately 50 announced mergers among freight carriers. Estimates are that there is in excess of $10 billion (a 33%