Monica Beyer, Author at Fleet Equipment Magazine
The skinny on thinner gear oil

When it comes to lubricants, especially for axles, the stance among fleet owners and operators has traditionally been that thicker viscosity is better. After all, thick lubricants do protect. Gear oil must protect critical hardware within the axle while operating in extremely demanding conditions. Minor damage to an axle can create major headaches from increased

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The lowdown on high-quality gear oil

Wherever shafts and axles turn, and wherever gears mesh, you’ll probably find a lubricant of some kind. Gear oils provide multiple important functions when it comes to the operation of gears and axles. As gear oils flow around axles, they help to cool the critical hardware components by carrying heat away and dissipating it. They

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The king of gear oil specifications: SAE J2360

The value of improving the durability and economical operation of a commercial vehicle fleet grows by the day. Operational efficiencies, maximum uptime and reduced maintenance and downtime can result in cost savings and increased profit. One straightforward way to leverage these benefits is to use a higher-performance gear oil. The result is better protection of

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