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TMD Friction details brake training offering


TMD Friction’s brake training is different than many “nuts and bolts” programs, where disassembly and assembly of brakes are covered, as well as measuring cam bushing wear, torqueing bolts, etc. TMD offers the technician a deeper “dive” behind the final products in the world of friction and braking. Topics include:

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  1. Introduction to TMD Friction and a brief history of air brakes;
  2. Friction formulating, processing and evaluation – the chemistry, processing and testing behind getting the desired results in drum brake linings and disc pads;
  3. Friction material qualification & legal standards – understanding the FMVSS-121 test requirements and resulting dynamometer graphs that are included in most of the friction sales literature;
  4. Foundation brakes & vehicle system design – how drum and disc brakes work, and the theories behind their operation. Also discussed is the air system and how air is supplied to the brakes through various valves; and
  5. Selecting proper friction materials for fleets – issues to consider when brake maintenance is required and new friction must be purchased, so brake life can be maximized. Qualified RSD materials vs. non-qualified are also discussed.

Brake training classes are held quarterly at the TMD U.S. headquarters in Troy, Mich. The dates for 2015 are April 28, August 12 and Nov. 11. To reserve seats, contact John Thompson at (248) 635-4850 or email him [email protected].



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