Where bulk parts truck service strategies may work for your fleet

Where bulk parts truck service strategies may work for your fleet

In the quest for improved uptime, you can plan for common parts availability.

For some common truck maintenance parts—think: brakes, oil filters, and batteries—the aftermarket mantra of “right part, right place, right time” could refer to the part that’s already sitting on your shop’s shelf. The right bulk ordering strategy can help eliminate the time-consuming hunt for parts and ensure that necessary items are always available. It’s all about maintaining a steady flow of repairs and upkeep.

Securing a stockpile of essential parts, like oil filters, can be crucial in times of scarcity, ensuring uninterrupted fleet operations. However, this strategy demands a careful balance; fleet managers must be astute in their inventory management to avoid overstocking and potential safety hazards in the workspace.

“Fleets know what their routine maintenance is, and when you look at safety items such as brakes or oil changes, they’re tracking the mileage, they’re tracking usage, and they know what they’ll need,” said Mike Keller, vice president of category management, Fleetpride. “The more that they can share that information with our national accounts team and regional accounts team, the more prepared that we can be to help forecast those orders and make sure we’ve got the right inventory on hand.”

Supplier partnerships are built on the vendor’s commitment to understanding and meeting the fleet’s needs, with a constant supply of essential parts tailored to the fleet’s demand. Fleets can tailor their bulk orders, selecting from diverse brands and products to suit their specific requirements. This flexibility is particularly important for fleets that prioritize maintaining a diverse supplier base, ensuring they do not have to compromise on quality or brand preferences.

The integration of technology into the ordering process can also streamline operations. Digital platforms like FleetPride.com aim to improve the efficiency of bulk parts ordering. These platforms offer tools for tracking, forecasting, and ordering parts, enabling quick access to inventory levels and product details, which significantly reduces the time and effort needed in identifying and ordering the right parts.

Of course, business relationships matter. For a look at bulk parts strategies and how the right partner can pay off in the long run, watch the video.

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