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New Delo Heavy Duty EP greases introduced for severe service environments

Chevron’s Delo brand of technologically advanced engine oils, lubricants and coolants, has announced the latest member of its product family, Delo Heavy Duty EP. Formulated with Chevron ISOSYN base stocks, Delo Heavy Duty EP greases are suited for heavy to severe duty on- and off-highway construction and maintenance vehicles, including tri-axle dump trucks, cement mixers, overweight truck and trailer combinations, logging, heavy machinery haul trucks as well as a wide variety of off-road applications, including construction, surface and underground mining and agriculture.

Delo family gets new CJ-4 heavy duty diesel engine oil

Chevron’s Delo brand of technologically advanced engine oils, lubricants and coolants, has introduced the latest member of its product family, Delo 400 LE SAE 10W-30. The new Delo 400 LE multi-grade diesel oil is specifically formulated for new low emission engines running on ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel. This is the second member of the Delo family to meet the API CJ-4 engine oil specification. Delo 400 LE SAE 15W-40, which also meets API CJ-4, was introduced in October of 2006.

Steel wheel refinishing comes of age

Putting a new face on used steel truck wheels and rims has never been easy.

Leave our scientists alone

I returned from the recent TMC Annual Meeting with a wealth of information about different types of biofuels and their use.

Biofuels insights from TMC

I just returned from the Technology and Maintenance Council(TMC) annual meeting in Orlando full of good ideas and useful information.

Zipper rupture bulletin available

Don’t laugh – this is serious business

Greenhouse gas dilemma

Last month I discussed carbon footprint and some of the steps we Americans can take to reduce it. In the process of researching that column, I learned much more about greenhouse gases. Here is what I learned:

Keep an eye on your tires: pass it on

“Before you get too carried away, check with the real world.”

Consider TPMS

With an eye to enhancing operating efficiency as a key strategy to ensure success, if not survival, in the trucking industry, we need to consider new ideas, new technology and different approaches.

What’s your carbon footprint?

Lately we’ve been so overwhelmed by all of the “green” talk in the media.

Shell Lubricants introduces Shell Spirax ASX R SAE 75W-90 high-performance synthetic axle fluid

When it comes to highway driving, every mile counts, and quality axle fluid can make a difference. Shell Lubricants has introduced Shell Spirax ASX R, a new long-life axle fluid that offers improved fuel economy. In standard industry and commercial fleet tests, Shell Spirax ASX R has demonstrated a fuel efficiency improvement of more than one percent when compared to several products in the same application, its maker says.

It’s about relationships

It’s about relationships “So, what’s new?” A common pitfall is to answer that question only in terms of individual products or services and not to appreciate fully the synergies that flow from some component interactions that are becoming more common.