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Where we’re at with hydrogen infrastructure

The story of today’s transportation sustainability efforts aren’t written by the availability of the equipment–battery electric, natural gas, and even hydrogen trucks are rolling in applications right now. (Some real world, some pilot, all a reality.) The next equipment generation’s power will be determined by available infrastructure. Battery electric infrastructure is making supposed strides (at

Where the infrastructure act EV charging investment is going

When it was passed last year, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act carved out $7.5 billion to create a nationwide charging network. The plan outlined at least 500,000 EV charging stations strategically located throughout the nation, particularly along highway corridors, that can help with long-distance EV travel—as well as for local EV charging. To give

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Talking about EV charging trends

Think about it: We’re are at the beginning at an energy renaissance. Commercial EVs are here. They’re hauling real loads in real applications, and the conversation around the charging infrastructure that supports those vehicles continues to grow. Much of the conversation focuses on fleets putting in infrastructure of their own, as return-to-home routes favor EVs

Dealing with EV range anxiety

The restless bouncing leg. The tapping of a pen on a desk top. The inexplicable urge to constantly calculate route lengths. These are all signs of EV range anxiety, the sinking feeling that your commercial vehicle will crawl to a stop in mid-transport, leaving you with a delayed load and a hefty towing bill. But

Will hydrogen fuel cell vehicles happen?

Folks, if we had that answer, we’d be buying lottery tickets because we could see the future. Our crystal ball technology isn’t at that point yet, but we have a solid idea of where both the commercial vehicle industry and the passenger automotive sectors are heading and where they cross over in this episode of

Setting the stage for EV growth

The fact is, there’s so much happening in the EV space that it takes more than one editor to cover it. Actually, it takes more than one brand. That’s why Fleet Equipment has teamed with its sister publication The Buzz, a consumer EV-focused publication, to talk about the recent developments in the EV space, the