EV Charging infrastructure installation case study: Daimler Truck

EV charging infrastructure installation case study: Daimler Truck North America

We’ve talked enough about electric truck charging infrastructure installation. It’s time that we see it in action. That’s why Amped Host David Sickels and I connected with Nate Hill, director infrastructure and eConsulting, Daimler Truck North America, who talked with us from DTNA’s Electric Island, a large public charging site for medium- and heavy-duty electric commercial vehicles. We aren’t just talking about charger speeds and charger brands, we’re seeing it action. Nate walks us through the construction and how DTNA baked in scalability to grow the charging operation.

What stands out are a bunch of the little decisions that make it successful, like having enough room for trucks to actually pull through the charging lanes, as opposed to automotive-parking spaces that can create big headaches for heavy-duty trucks. Nate also lets us in on a cool tip for how DTNA can expand or replace chargers as necessary.

“One of the reasons we wanted to create this site as early as possible is so that we can gain the information and knowledge–the experience of putting a site like this in–and we have learned some things from the ingress and egress of the vehicles at the site from the way you lay out the site and the sort of features that you put into the site to make sure that you can retrofit and upgrade in the future at minimum cost,” he explained.

For all his in-depth charging infrastructure installation and up-scaling secrets, you’ll have to watch the video above. Once you’ve done that, be sure to head over to our Amped EV Podcast archive where you binge all of our electrifying content.

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