Extending equipment sustainability strategies to eTRUs

Extending equipment sustainability strategies to electric transportation refrigeration units

How fleets are starting to use electric TRUs in zero-emissions operations.

Electric transportation refrigeration units (eTRUs) just make sense when your goal is zero-emissions transportation. The reality, however, is more complicated. Electric tractors are getting a lion’s share of the sustainability focus as more and more fleets map out their decarbonization strategies, but to lower carbon emissions you have to look beyond the tail pipe.

At last year’s ACT Expo, Carrier Transicold showed off its electric transport refrigeration and cooling products as part of the eCool series–a family of eTRUs and electric auxiliary power units (eAPUs) that serve heavy- and medium-duty applications. Today, Carrier’s ComfortPro (eAPU) has progress beyond the pilot phase to run in real-world fleet applications and the eTRU products racking up miles in pilot phases as Carrier Transicold tests what they’re capable of with integrated solar power and ConMet PreSet Plus eHub options.

The Amped EV Podcast connected with Mike Noyes, vice president and general manager, Carrier Transicold–Americas, to talk about the growing eTRU technology. Watch above for his insight.

Cool electric solutions

Noyes talked about the integration with the ConMet PreSet Plus eHub–for a better look at how that system works with the Carrier Transicold eTRU, click the story below.

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