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Three laws of truck technology

Surrounded by the latest trucks and equipment, the buzz of two talking points zipped through every booth–connected autonomous trucks and electrification. While forward-looking talk is fun, there’s one question that remains: How is this technology impacting your fleet today? We walked the North American Commercial Vehicle show floor in search of the answer on this

Hands On: PACCAR automated transmission in a Peterbilt 579 truck

The PACCAR Automated Transmission completes PACCAR’s proprietary powertrain puzzle, after the release of the 40,000-lb. PACCAR axle last year and the continued evolution of the PACCAR MX engine lineup. Designed for line-haul applications up to 110,000 lbs gross vehicle weight, the PACCAR Automated Transmission is spec’d for engine ratings up to five hundred and ten

Putting truck data to work with Paper Transport, Detroit Connect

It’s easy to get lost in the telematics shuffle; to be so focused on data streaming off of your trucks that you lose sight of what makes your fleet successful—the equipment you spec and how it’s operated out on the road. So let’s slow down for a minute. Close your inbox, pour a fresh cup

Kenworth T880s tackle a Rallycross course

Located in the Pacific Northwest, DirtFish’s rally courses are carved out of 315 acres and promise the ultimate driving experience. Kenworth trucks decided to put that claim to the test by deploying a small army of T880s to attack the off-road course. The T880 rolled onto the scene in 2013 and has since seen a

First look at the new Volvo VNL Class 8 truck

This is the Volvo VNL, the first completely new Class 8 truck introduced by Volvo since 1996. Coming on the heels of the release of Volvo’s new regional-haul truck, the VNR, this makes 2017 the year for a total refresh for Volvo Trucks. Come along with us for the first look at Volvo’s soon-to-be-released long

How Daimler Trucks Aftermarket aims to beat Amazon Prime expectations

There’s no denying Amazon’s influence on trucking, and Daimler building its latest PDC across the street from an Amazon fulfillment center isn’t just symbolic, it’s a statement. It’s part of an expansion plan that aims to increase next day parts delivery to 90% of the OEM’s coverage area. I sat down with Daimler’s aftermarket leadership

Volvo VNR regional truck test drive

There’s a duality to the demands of regional haul applications. Rigs have to navigate cramped city streets before hitting an open highway. They’re expected to be rugged workhorses, while providing the latest in driver creature comforts. With its new VNR, Volvo aims to serve both masters. I caught up with Volvo’s Magnus Koeck to talk

Freightliner New Cascadia prototype test drive, CEO Roger Nielsen interview

Daimler Trucks’ new High Desert Proving Ground is highly engineered to simulate a truck’s full service life in approximately six months. One test track mile is equal to 200 real-world miles in terms of durability testing. And the test track doesn’t fool around. I hopped inside a Freightliner New Cascadia Prototype and hit the three

Western Star 5700XE on-highway, XD off-road trucks test drive

From sun-baked asphalt to dirt-caked job sites, Western Star trucks seek out tough jobs and tackle them with gusto. On-highway that means producing a premium reward truck to retain drivers with the 5700XE. In vocational segments, it’s all about crafting a durable, dependable tool to take on the task with the XD off-road lineup. After

Volvo Trucks VNR regional haul truck unveiling

Regional haul applications can differ wildly in their demands, from close corner-cutting of city streets to rugged agricultural routes. Like most segments of the trucking industry, efficiency, uptime and driver comfort are must-haves. Volvo Trucks unveiled the new VNR to tackle the regional market, but how is the company meeting the varied demands? Watch this

Freightliner Custom Chassis expansion, Logistics Center groundbreaking

In the time it will take for you to watch this video, another custom chassis will roll off the line at Freightliner Custom Chassis manufacturing facility in Gaffney, South Carolina. Let me throw a few numbers at you: Each Chassis, on average, takes about 4,000 total pieces to complete. Freightliner Custom Chassis is currently building

Looking for the future of trucking at MATS

The Mid-America Trucking Show is the industry’s largest show, the site of big news announcements from every corner of the industry. Showcased throughout the hall are the latest examples of trucking technology, which has taken a giant leap over the last few years with no sign of slowing its progress. So aside from learning the