ConMet to showcase expanding eMobility product line at ACT Expo 2023

ConMet to showcase expanding eMobility product line at ACT Expo 2023

A look at the in-wheel electric solutions on display at the show.

ConMet, a provider of technologies for commercial trucks and trailers, is set to showcased its latest product line at ACT Expo 2023 this week in Anaheim, Calif. In addition to the technology portfolio being displayed at ConMet booth #5382, the company’s eMobility business unit will unveil the latest additions to its expanding electrification product line and more. The company recently announced the introduction of its latest in-wheel electric solutions as part of ConMet’s nMotion product line, which is comprised of products that feature in-wheel electric power generation systems.

nMotion TR 160-45 powered by PreSet Plus eHub technology 

Designed for applications with higher power generation needs such as foodservice or grocery delivery, the company notes the system is capable of generating 160kW peak power per axle and comes with a larger capacity battery than its first-generation counterpart, without adding to the overall weight of the system. The 45-kWh option is compact with simplified enclosures for easier installation and servicing and now features single-plug charging, requiring a 480 volt three-phase shore power connection capable of sending energy to the TRU while simultaneously charging the system’s battery, as noted in a recent press release.

nMotion TR 20-45 in-wheel electric generator

When paired with ConMet eMobility’s energy management technology and an electric TRU, the nMotion TR 20-45 in-wheel electric generator can also enable zero-emission refrigeration, the company notes. With peak power of 20 kW per axle, the system is designed for fleets with lower power needs such as longer over-the-road applications or those with charging available during stops. ConMet notes that the flexibility of the outboard-mounted motor allows it to be applied to any brake type including air disc brakes, as well as a range of axle types and trailer lengths.

nMotion RH electronic wheel hub disconnect technology

ConMet eMobility’s nMotion RH electronic wheel hub disconnect technology, when incorporated in an electric drive axle, enables 6×4 to 6×2 conversion via electronic switch or automated by speed via software controls, the company states.

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