Why Drivewyze is making trucking safety free for all

Why Drivewyze is making trucking safety free for all

Bringing safety related information to every trucking fleet could make all the difference.

Sitting behind the wheel of an 80,000-lb. Class 8 truck, there are no greater resources than space and time. In any situation, heavy-duty trucks need as much space and time as they can get to make a move to avoid an obstacle or position themselves in traffic, for example. Any information, like in-cab alerts, that you can provide to your drivers can make the difference between safely navigating an on-road situation or… not. And Drivewyze thinks those alerts should be free. Like, free, free. For everyone.

Hot on the heels of its announcement of Drivewyze Free, a new service that allows fleets and drivers to receive a set of in-cab safety alerts and advisories on their telematics devices, tablets and smartphones in advance of potentially risky areas on the roadway, Drivewyze Chief Executive Officer Brian Heath and Martin Murtland, Drivewyze’s vice president of product, sat down to talk about the importance of improving truck driving safety.

“The most important thing for us was to be able to give access to the application to as many drivers and fleets as possible–to reduce the friction, the pain points, involved in adopting a new technology,” Heath said. “By activating the software, drivers will receive real-time notifications where and when they need it.

“We wanted to make sure that driver wise free was really focused on the mission of reducing crashes, reducing injuries, and making sure that we curated this critical set of real-time messages that would make a difference.”

In addition to real-time notifications based on GPS location for drivers, Heath and Murtland also discussed the need for fleet management visibility into safety related information. For that, there are analytics tools for fleet managers, presenting data on fleet performance and safety in order to identify trends, potential areas of risk and opportunities for safety improvements. Then there’s the management hub that allows fleet managers to tailor the system to their fleet’s specific needs, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of the alerts.

Watch the video for all of the insight from Heath and Murtland on improving truck safety.


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