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In-cab truck camera technology that protects the driver

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You’d think that at this point we would have talked about everything there is to talk about when it comes to truck video telematics with Trimble’s Vice President of Data Science, Chris Orban, but the last time we caught up, Orban turned the often-cited challenge of driver acceptance of video telematics on its head, referencing video technology that protects the driver. I couldn’t let that comment go without diving into details. Clearly we had more to talk about.

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We talk about a video telematics product that can feel adversarial to truck drivers and explaining how it actually protects them, and the advanced technology that goes into make sure they don’t feel like Big Brother is watching. That leads to talking about how truck video telematics can inform driver coaching techniques, which leads to talking about the next generation of truck technology that’s coming down the line. Be sure to watch the video above for all of the details.

Video analytics in action

One of the coolest aspects of truck video telematics is how technology companies can analyze the video images in near-real time. When Orban talks about Action Detection within a video platform, this is what he’s talking about:

What you’re seeing is Trimble technology analyzing the traffic ahead of the truck, identifying the types of vehicle that’s on the road, and its ability to call out clips that would indicate a safety issue that needs addressed via driver coaching. Systems like these will only grown in their capabilities as the analytics platforms learn how to identify even more within the video frame.

Catch up with Chris

Here’s the aforementioned Q&A that led to this video conversation. If you missed it, click below to catch up:

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