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Paperless truck service: The change is worth it

Jason Morgan is the editor of Fleet Equipment. He has more than 14 years of B2B journalism experience covering the likes of trucking and construction equipment, real estate, movies and craft beer industries.


Change is hard. There’s no magic switch, no perfect solution that doesn’t require work and buy-in on your side to improve your fleet options. But if you know the goal you’re working toward, it’s much easier to work through the short-term hardships of change. If your truck service operation isn’t already paperless, the need to move it to that platform is coming at you quickly. Today’s data-driven uptime-boosting solutions are built on a paperless foundation and tomorrow’s predictive maintenance savings are banking on a wealth of historic service data.

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For a better understanding of a paperless workflow ROI–from DVIRs to seamless digital service workflows–I connected with Brian Belcher, COO and co-founder, Vector. We discussed where lowest hanging fruit is in terms of productivity and how fleets can get started working with the tools they already have to make the paperless move. Watch the video above for all of the details.

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Looking for more tips on making a paperless truck service workflow work for you? Check out the story below.

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