Phillips Industries expands, enhances Power Air Kit product
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Phillips Industries expands, enhances Power Air Kit product


Phillips Industries has introduced two new Power Air Kits (PAKs), expanding its product line to offer three different solutions to replace any level of back-of-cab equipment.  A PAK combines 12- or 15-ft. length electrical and air assemblies with factory-installed gladhands and cable.  Phillips PAKs are complete back-of-cab systems sold under one part number.

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The Phillips PAK line-up, with the introduction of the STA-DRY and OEM Standard PAKs joining the QWIK-CHANGE PAK, provides premium and now mid-level and essential options for back-of-cab replacement.

The new STA-DRY PAK ABS electrical cable features completely molded STA-DRY plugs to prevent moisture intrusion and cable guards for strain relief.  Heavy-duty black rubber air lines with red and blue grips for easy coupling and uncoupling include factory-installed gladhands for quick and easy set-up.  Two 20-in. heavy-duty tracker spring kits with QWIK-CLAMP provide quick installation and proper three-in-one cable support.    

The OEM Standard PAK offers an ABS electrical cable that comes with Phillips OEM specified PERMAPLUGS, which are unbreakable, non-corrosive, and weather resistant, the manufacturer noted.  Heavy-duty black rubber air lines include factory-installed gladhands for quick and easy set-up.  Mini pre-cut spiral wrap curls create organization and bring electrical and air lines together to help avoid tangling and prevent damage from using cable ties. A 20-in. heavy-duty tracker spring kit with QWIK-SNAP provides quick installation for three-hose cable support.


In addition to these two new kits, the existing three-in-one QWIK-CHANGE PAK’s performance is now enhanced with upgraded rubber air line grips. The redesigned POWER GRIP XL handles are wider in diameter and increased in length from 4 to 6 in. The solid rubber grips are molded to contour the air fittings and hoses to keep the handles in place. In addition to an improved ergonomic feel offering greater leverage for coupling and uncoupling, the new POWER GRIP XL also enhances kink prevention and hose protection during jackknife turns at the base of the handles.  

Additional features of the QWIK-CHANGE PAK include:

• The revolutionary and innovative QCP (Quick-Change Plug) with a plug-in cartridge that is field serviceable in under two minutes. 

• ABS cable guard and extended lead length on the trailer sidefor added cable support and strain relief.

• Heavy-duty rubber air lines with factory-installed anodized gladhands to prevent corrosion.

• Two 25-in. QWIK-CHANGE Tracker Spring Kits with QWIK-CLAMP for proper 3-IN-1 cable support that installs in seconds without using tools.

All PAKs are available from Phillips authorized distributors.

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