Service training that engages heavy-duty technicians

Service training that engages heavy-duty technicians

You have to know where to look for the right video training information that's safe and accurate.

The digital world offers no shortage of videos that show technicians how to fix a truck or trailer. The question is: How accurate and safe is that repair process? Does it come from a reputable source, like the manufacturer? A seasoned technician using the latest service information? Or a guy out on the yard whose favorite tool is a hammer? When it comes to safety critical components, like wheel ends, fleet managers need to know that the truck technicians servicing their hard-working iron are using the most accurate, up-to-date service information to make sure the repair is completed safely and correctly.

“We deal with a lot of safety critical components,” began Rence Oliphant, vice president of global sales, Hendrickson. “It’s something we take very seriously, but also take a lot of pride in when you’re talking about wheel ends and making sure you’re getting the correct torque values and setting them up properly. We take that to heart. That’s a key core concept for us.”

That concept is seen in the video training content that Hendrickson provides on its online Hendrickson Service Academy. Educational courses are designed for technicians that want to learn on their own time and at their own pace, accommodating various learning styles, covering truck suspensions, steer axles, trailer products, and other components. The videos are between three and 10 minutes and can be viewed at any time. Technical literature is also available for downloading, printing or to be read at your own leisure. Upon successful completion of a course, which includes a brief test, a certificate will be provided with a printable option.

“We’ll work with fleets if they want to use that as a way to track their technicians’ progress through the Hendrickson courses,” Oliphant explained. “If they finish a certain number of courses, technicians will actually get a bump up in their pay. We do work hand in hand with bigger fleets to make sure that they’re staying on track.”

Watch the video interview with Oliphant above for more on how fleets are merging online training content with hands-on, in-person training.


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