Sound investments: Sysco's Marie Robinson on treating your voice like currency

Sound investments: Sysco’s Marie Robinson on treating your voice like currency

Being the “first” or being the “only” can be as much of a challenge as it is an achievement.

Like a true rockstar, Marie Robinson, executive vice president and chief supply chain officer of Sysco, steps up in big moments and performs at a high level. We’ve seen that from the lessons she’s learned throughout her career, but we wanted to know how she does it and what advice she’d give to anyone who has to be the first, the only or even the best professional they can be.

As the first female vice president in logistics at Walmart, Robinson says the role could be a lonely one. However, striking a balance between knowing when it’s time to speak up and realizing when to stay quiet is a piece of advice she wishes to share with future professionals in similar shoes.

“Know who you are; learn how important your voice is; but it’s also important to know when to be quiet. I’ve learned that there’s a danger in talking too much, too.” she explains. “Men or women, I think this is universal guidance and almost seeing your voice as a currency. When do you want to spend it and when do you want to save it?”

Being the “first” or being the “only” can be as much of a challenge as it is an achievement. Trail-blazing Robinson has been in situations that have earned her both of those challenging accolades — sometimes at the same time — as the first and/or only woman in the room.

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