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Taking on the tire inflation challenge with inflation technology

When diminishing loads should not mean diminishing tire inflation efficiency.

Focus on tire pressure to save tires, time and money at the pump

You’ve seen it in the headlines and all over social media: The price of diesel is climbing. Now, more than ever, it’s important to make every penny count by being sure there is nothing negatively impacting your truck’s fuel economy. Underinflated tires are among one of the most common reasons for insufficient gas mileage and

Photo gallery: Take a tour of the PSI manufacturing floor

The last time we caught up with Pressure Systems International (PSI) during their annual event, it was 2019, they had just surpassed 1.5 million units in the field and COVID wasn’t a thing that most people in the world had ever heard about. Clearly, a lot has changed, but one thing has remained constant: PSI

PSI Tire Inflation System Cut Away
Pressure Systems International tells us what’s important about truck tires, previews new technologies

Pressure System International (PSI) knows a ton about tires. At an event held in San Antonio, the automatic tire inflation system progenitor (with 1.8 million systems in use worldwide) talked about the top tire management issues and made the case for why fleets need to continue to increase their focus on tires. Spoiler alert: advanced

Hendrickson launches TireMaax Pro-LB trailer tire pressure control system

Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems has announced its next-generation tire pressure control system, TireMaax Pro-LB, which the company says will be available for purchase in the second half of 2021. This system builds on the technology of TireMaax Pro which inflates, relieves and equalizes tire pressures across all wheel positions with the added benefit of

Truck-Lite integrates P.S.I. tire management solutions into Road Ready system

Truck-Lite Co., LLC has integrated Pressure Systems International (PSI) automatic tire inflation and tire pressure monitoring systems data into the Road Ready system via its SmartBridge Integrator.

PSI, SkyBitz collaborate on integrated tire pressure, location insight

SkyBitz, provider of remote asset tracking and information management solutions, and PSI, provider of automatic tire inflation systems, announced a strategic collaboration resulting in an integrated trailer solution. Joint customers will be provided with integrated tire inflation data alongside asset information for managing their fleets. Tires are a top maintenance cost for fleets and tire

Meritor announces new axles, ATIS

Meritor Inc. announced the the launch of its MTec6, the industry’s lightest trailer axle that offers greater weight savings and lower total cost of ownership, according to the company. The 6-in., large-diameter axle allows for more efficient use of materials, resulting in an axle that is 36 lbs. lighter than the industry-standard 5-in. axle. The lighter axle reduces gross

Stemco releases new Aeris SmartSense automatic driver alert system

Stemco Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), provider of commercial vehicle tire inflation systems and commercial tire monitoring systems, announces the release of an upgrade to its Aeris line of high-performance automatic tire inflation systems. Aeris SmartSense technology features an advanced driver alert system that identifies which wheel ends are taking air for faster corrective action. “There

Stemco Aeris SmartSense automatic driver alert system
Meritor Tire Inflation System selected as preferred equipment by Ingersoll Axle

Meritor Inc. announced that Ingersoll Axle (IMT) has selected the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS by P.S.I) as its preferred automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) on its line of trailer axles for the commercial trailer market. Fleet and OEM customers can now easily specify the preparation of IMT trailer axles at various levels, such as

Rolling as part of a system

Recently, while discussing radial truck tire performance with several seasoned industry veterans, a valid and useful point was raised. Several decades ago, many truck tire problems used to be finally diagnosed as simply that “tire problems.” This is less the case in recent years. Tire performance is best understood and more expediently diagnosed when considered

Rolling as a part of a system