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Stoneridge, Valens Semiconductor announce partnership

Valens Semiconductor, a provider of high-speed connectivity solutions for the automotive and audio-video markets, and Stoneridge Inc., a designer and manufacturer of highly engineered electrical and electronic vehicle systems, announced their partnership to introduce a connectivity solution related to vision and safety systems in tractor trailers to address safety-critical issues in the trucking industry. Trucks

How self-driving truck systems see

Visibility is key to truck operation, that’s true for a human driver and it’s especially true for automated driving systems. While Level 2 self-driving technology (adaptive cruise control working with active lane keep assist) is available today, fully automated Level 4 machine driving requires even greater visibility. Visibility that might even be beyond what we

The past, present and future of truck technology

Only in retrospect does technology become a revolution. It’s development is often more of an evolution–the next logical step from the previous one taken. Consider the current trajectory of automated trucks, for example, that grew out of cruise control and lane departure warnings. Today, we have adaptive cruise control and active lane assist that leverage

Samsara launches Camera Connector

Samsara has released Camera Connector, a new product that connects side, rear, and interior vehicle camera feeds to Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud. By bringing cloud connectivity to third-party cameras for the first time, Samsara says Camera Connector allows organizations to leverage existing vehicle camera investments to reduce safety incidents, protect against not-at-fault claims and enhance

Truck video telematics are getting smarter

Today’s video telematics systems are capable of showing you what you need to see, and they’re getting smarter, using artificial intelligence to identify potential safe driving infractions and aim to reduce the amount of video footage you have to parse through. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series. Here is

The evolving camera technology in today’s trucks

The conversation about cameras, particularly driver-facing cameras, is an often tumultuous one. You’ve likely heard the arguments before; on the one hand, that it will make drivers uncomfortable or likely to leave the fleet thanks to the feeling that Big Brother is watching them; on the other, that the cameras can save fleets money in

ERoad introduces Clarity Solo Dashcam

ERoad has introduced of the Clarity Solo Dashcam, a dual-facing camera that delivers HD footage that enables fleet owners to see what their drivers see with every safety event. The company says that this is especially important as lawsuits against trucking companies are increasing in frequency and greater sums are being awarded in lawsuit verdicts.  ERoad says

EROAD Clarity Solo Product Image
Just how smart are trucking artificial intelligence solutions?

The headline question is where my conversation with Nauto’s Chief Product Officer Yoav Banin ends up. As an artificial intelligence (A.I.) and computer vision provider, Nauto uses its algorithms to identify things like potential pedestrian collision, speeding, driver fatigue and drowsiness and intersection violations, to name a few. And it’s not alone. As more and

HD Fleet to offer Lytx’s Surfsight portable video event data recorder

Lytx Inc. and HD Fleet unveiled a portable video event data recorder (VEDR) for use in rental trucks deployed by parcel delivery service providers. The Surfsight AI-12 portable VEDR features Lytx technology and is sold by HD Fleet, a GPS fleet tracking technology provider. It is aimed at helping to avert accidents and alerting drivers

Solving for the chip shortage with fleet management solutions

The ongoing chip shortage is a global concern that is creating headaches for managers as they look to maintain their fleet. With these ongoing issues and the delay of new vehicle deliveries, maintaining a fleet is more critical than ever.  To ease concerns, fleet managers should consider the myriad of benefits fleet management technology can

Phillips Connect launches wireless, on-demand cargo camera

Phillips Connect has introduced CargoVision, an interior cargo camera that captures the status of the load in real time. The 100% solar-powered Phillips Connect CargoVision camera monitors and can report the quality of the load (green = safe, red = unsafe) before the doors are open for unloading, Phillips says. The Phillips Connect CargoVision solution

Seeing the safety difference of camera monitor systems

The “no zones.” Long before I was editor of Fleet Equipment, a driver’s ed. video introduced me to the multitude of blind spots that surround a truck. Corny to be sure, but effective as I’ve remembered that song for (counts the years since getting a license)… far too long. Fitting then that another video would