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Verizon Connect offers Integrated Video product to help fleet managers improve safety

A new survey commissioned by Verizon Connect and Wakefield Research has identified misperceptions everyday drivers have about the level of danger posed by commercial drivers, including the finding that 83% of those surveyed believe they pose less risk on the road than commercial drivers. In actuality, only 3% of all severe crashes in the U.S. involve commercial vehicles, Verizon Connect says.

SkyBitz introduces volumetric sensor capabilities for remote cargo management

SkyBitz has launched a new volumetric sensor with high-resolution camera offering remote asset management customers a new option for monitoring trailer capacity within the SkyBitz SmartTrailer ecosystem.

Pana-Pacific to sell Trimble video intelligence equipment

Pana-Pacific will begin to sell Trimble video equipment for use with a subscription to Trimble’s Video Intelligence solution. Through the collaboration, Pana-Pacific will market both two and four-channel digital video recorders (DVRs) and a variety of cameras to the OEM heavy-duty truck dealer network.

Stoneridge announces second MirrorEye award with commercial vehicle OEM

Stoneridge, Inc. has earned its second MirrorEye Camera Monitor System (CMS) award with a commercial vehicle OEM, the company says.

Drivers’ reactions to video and technology

Historically, drivers have been painted as technology adverse. Is that the case today? Also, video seems to be the new frontier in telematics­—what’s driving that?

Trimble experts talk transparently about your toughest trucking questions

Fleet Equipment has gathered strategy experts from all throughout Trimble Transportation to answer your toughest questions about data, privacy, artificial intelligence and more.