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In-cab truck cameras are about seeing the context

So you’ve decided to use your truck telematics to help you improve operational safety and inform driver training. Great! And then your phone explodes with notifications—one driver had harsh braking, following distance and lane departure warning incidents in rapid succession, and you fear the worst. What actually happened and how do you approach the conversation?

What to know before your truck cameras start rolling

You need to set the right tone within your fleet before implementing a video telematics system. Transparency and openness to make a system successful. You have to get your drivers’ buy-in, or at very least head off any Big Brother-like feelings at the pass. You want to be able to share the purpose and plan

Rand McNally launches second generation of OverDryve Pro

Rand McNally has introduced OverDryve 8 Pro II, a new generation telematics device for drivers. The device can be used for navigating, playing SiriusXM radio, recording dash cam footage, hands-free calling and texting and browsing the web. The company says the OverDryve 8 Pro II features a new design including an 8-in. screen, and is

Lytx adds new A.I.-powered features to camera systems

Lytx has added several new technology capabilities to its camera systems that the company says build upon its ability to identify driving risk. The compay says the new technology allows drivers to be more proactive and accountable for their own improvement while giving management visibility and data to monitor and intervene if needed. Lytx says

Seat belt use leads unsafe driver behaviors this summer, Lytx video data shows

Of 3 million coaching events captured by its MV+AI-powered DriveCam Event Recorders this summer, Lytx says the following five behaviors were the most prevalent: Driver Unbelted – 28% Following Distance Under 2 Seconds – 26% Posted Speed Violation – 9% Failed to Stop – 8% Incomplete Stop – 7% “Seat belt use continues to stand out

Volvo, Mack enter agreement with Samsara for integrated telematics solution

Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks have each entered into an agreement with Samsara to investigate providing an all-encompassing, single-source telematics service including compliance services, cameras, trailer sensors, safety, maintenance services and more available via Samsara’s platform. “We look forward to working with Samsara and their unique data systems,” said Conal Deedy, director of customer productivity

Teletrac Navman launches A.I.-based predictive telematics platform

Teletrac Navman has released the TN360, which the company says delivers telematics functionalities in real time to provide businesses with predictive and actionable insights. TN360, the company says, uses a scalable cloud ecosystem that connects data from sensors, cameras, mobile and third-party applications in real time and translates raw signals into context. A.I.-enabled cameras can

A.I. saw the sign: Video intelligence opens safety focused eyes

There’s a lot of video footage streaming off trucks with the continued adoption of in-cab camera systems. Both road- and driver-facing cameras capture important safety related footage, but who has time to watch all of that? Not you, busy fleet manager. That’s why video telematics providers are layering artificial intelligence (A.I.) on top of their

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Samsara, Nationwide partner to offer video telematics to commercial trucking fleets

Nationwide has partnered with Samsara to offer a new video telematics solution to excess and surplus (E&S) customers with 11 or more commercial trucks. The new partnership will allow eligible Nationwide E&S insureds to leverage Samsara’s artificial intelligence-based video telematics solutions and fleet management software in their operations at a subsidized cost. According to Samsara,

Samsara releases artificial intelligence-driven safety features

Samsara has introduced several new safety features that the company says brings artificial intelligence (AI) into the cab and offers more advanced reporting tools for safety managers. These include: Tailgating Detection: Automatically detect when drivers are following other vehicles too closely at high speeds and auto-upload these incidents to the dashboard for video-based coaching. Distracted

Verizon Connect releases Integrated Video for Fleet

Verizon Connect has launched Integrated Video for Fleet, an extension of its Integrated Video for Reveal product made for fleet customers. Integrated Video uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help businesses improve driver behavior and understand details of specific driving events, the company says. The smart dash-cam solution captures and automatically classifies harsh

What makes Level 2 autonomy the ultimate driver’s assistant

Level 2 automation has been a game-changer in terms of safety for about a decade now, and manufacturers continue to churn out better versions of this technology every year. Active steering, automatic emergency braking—you’ve heard the terms and you have a good sense of what they do, but how do the companies behind this technology