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Is it time to re-think your grease?

How can you tell if you’re using the right grease? Some will say a grease is best judged by how tacky it is—simply place a bit between the thumb and forefinger and pull. Others say the best greases are brightly colored. And there are those who say as long as you’re using their go-to brand,

Recycled oils: Are they safe to use in your trucks’ engines?

A fleet manager should keep fluids in bulk, of course, but how much qualifies as “bulk” largely depends on your fluid consumption. Kenneth Tyger, director of technical services with D-A Lubricant Co. Inc., says that “it is typically recommended to turn the fluid over in the bulk tank(s) every one to two months.” After being used,

Diesel engine oil purchasing tips: Bulk fluid, bulk price

The second part of our in-depth look at bulk fluid holding.

Can engine oil expire?

Buying oil in bulk comes with its own bulk of considerations. Will it go bad before you can use it?