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Last-mile delivery truck lighting tips for better security

Last-mile delivery vehicles – they face some serious security challenges. Not only are they filled with valuable goods, but by their nature, drivers are constantly starting and stopping, often walking considerable distances from the truck or van to make a delivery. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series. Here is

General Tire introduces the Grabber HD Van

General Tire launched its new all-season commercial tire, the Grabber HD Van, on Feb. 1. This durable cargo van and fleet tire was developed for long-lasting treadwear under loaded conditions, and comes complete with Duragen Technology, which provides robust durability and enhanced sidewall protection, the tire manufacturer noted in a press release. Key features of

Last-mile delivery truck safety lighting tips

Cutting corners and mixing lighting systems in a last-mile delivery truck is going to result in lower-quality and less reliable lighting. Not only is it more expensive to maintain a lower quality lighting system over the life of the vehicle because of increased maintenance expenses and downtime, but spec’ing the wrong lights can create additional

OnTerra Systems announces January 2022 RouteSavvy software enhancements

OnTerra Systems, the developers of RouteSavvy route planning software for small businesses, has announced January 2022 RouteSavvy software enhancements. The company says highlights of January 2022 RouteSavvy software enhancements include the following: New Route Cloning Function – RouteSavvy’s new route cloning function is a faster way to create a new route based by cloning an

Truck lighting tips for increased productivity

Light! Who thinks much about light? Let me tell you, it can pay to think about light. Take this example: In an effort to evenly illuminate the largest area possible in the back of your truck, you might spec the cargo area with either one central lamp or maybe a few lights spaced out down

Freightliner Custom Chassis talks electric walk-in van details, last-mile market roll out

What makes the Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. (FCCC) battery electric walk-in MT50e van launch interesting is that it’s a next generation EV that can leverage the lessons learned by its beefier Freightliner eM2 and eCascadia brethren. Not only that, but Mike Stark, electric vehicle program manager, FCCC, noted that the truck chassis manufacturer works with

The biggest medium-duty truck stories of 2021

What truck classification do you give Santa’s sleigh? Based on the weight of the world’s gifts alone, it’s tempting to hop straight to Class 8, but I think Santa’s got some magic elf nonsense that makes weight a non-issue. If we use application as a clue, he’s kind of on the longest last-mile route there

Aon announces last-mile delivery insurance program in partnership with CarrierHQ

Aon plc and CarrierHQ have launched their last-mile delivery insurance program. The companies say the program provides operators in the last mile delivery space with custom, affordable and continuous coverage solutions. Customers are provided a user interface and application process that is curated by a dedicated and experienced team. The companies say the program expands

Descartes acquires GreenMile to strengthen final-mile capabilities

Descartes Systems Group has acquired GreenMile, a provider of cloud-based mobile route execution solutions for food, beverage, and broader distribution verticals. GreenMile’s scalable mobile route execution solutions use a platform that incorporates machine-learning to continually improve service and travel time standards, the company says. GreenMile notes that its solutions are used by some of the

How today’s vans are built for last mile delivery and driver comfort

Medium-duty truck sales have been skyrocketing following the spring 2020 crash that came alongside Covid-19, and a major factor in this market stature has been the rise of last mile delivery. The pandemic accelerated a trend that was already here: more online ordering and more same-day deliveries being promised by companies ranging from behemoth retailers

The role for electric vans in last mile delivery

Here at Fleet Equipment, we’ve been covering electrification for a long time, and every time the subject comes up, without fail, one of the first questions asked is which applications will make the most sense for EVs. Again and again the answer comes back: last mile—and there are very good reasons for that. “Last-mile delivery

The hidden key to sustainable last-mile operations

When it comes to fleet sustainability, perhaps you’ve successfully implemented some baseline initiatives for reducing waste and optimizing your procurement processes. The next step is to utilize location-powered solutions to deepen the impact and extend your reach.