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Meritor contracted to supply all-electric drivetrain system for 38 terminal trucks

Meritor has been contracted to supply all-electric drivetrain systems under its Blue Horizon technology brand for 38 terminal tractors for use at Port of Long Beach and the Port of Oakland, California.

Meritor announces hydraulic option for all ELSA disc brakes

Meritor has announced optional hydraulic actuation is available for all ELSA disc brakes for applications requiring hydraulic disc brake variants. Built with a modular design, the mechanical, pneumatically operated brake housing of the current range is replaced by a hydraulic single or twin piston variant. The bridge, carrier and slide pin arrangements remain common for pneumatic

Meritor announces front drive steer and tridem rear-drive axle for severe duty applications

Meritor has announced the new MX-610 front-drive and MZ-610 tridem rear axle for multiple severe-duty applications. “The front-drive steer axle and tridem are the next-generation axle combinations from our award-winning 610/P600 series and two of many new products Meritor is bringing to market as part of the company’s M2019 growth initiative,” said Tony Nicol, Meritor’s vice president

Not too high, not too low: The importance of keeping your truck tire inflation levels just right

A fleet manager’s job is focused on the little things. A tenth of an MPG here, an extended maintenance cycle there—across a fleet, these seemingly small points can add up to significant profits. The same goes for truck tire inflation: a few PSI in the right direction can go a long way, while a few

Riding on air: The application benefits of air ride suspensions

Suspensions have a job that is both difficult and crucial. Think of them like the spine of the vehicle, supporting both the handling and the ride quality, keeping cargo in good shape while making sure the driver is shielded from the harshest bumps on the road. The importance of this component cannot be overlooked. There

What you need to know about air disc brakes as they increase in popularity

Over the past few years, the take rate of air disc brakes (ADBs) has been steadily growing. This growth has only accelerated recently, thanks in part to the fact that many truck OEMs have made air disc brakes standard equipment. International, Kenworth and Peterbilt are among the manufacturers who now offer ADBs as standard on

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Vipar Heavy Duty, Meritor announce long-term agreement

Vipar Heavy Duty and Meritor announced the completion of a new long-term agreement, under which Vipar Heavy Duty will offer Meritor products through the Vipar Heavy Duty network and its family of companies. “Vipar Heavy Duty and Meritor have a successful long-term relationship in the U.S. and Canada,” said Chris Baer, president and chief executive

Inside axle ratios: Detailing the range of downspeeding options

Any on-highway truck you spec today will likely employ downspeeding to some degree. The sources within this story all agree that the majority of trucks today are putting faster ratios on the road. It’s a trend being driven by increased powertrain innovation and integration, with automated manual and automatic transmissions playing a key role in

Answering your trailer brake questions

Being the crucial pieces of equipment they are, brakes are always on the forefronts of fleet managers’ minds when it comes to upgrades and maintenance. With the continued steady growth of disc brake adoption on both tractors and trailers, you may have some questions, like whether to use disc brakes or drum brakes on your

Top maintenance tips for trailer brakes

Maintenance for brakes is, obviously, crucial—the brakes are what stops the truck, after all. More fleets are spec’ing air disc brakes, but as these brakes are new to a lot of fleets, they may not be aware of what needs to be looked at when it comes to preventative maintenance. Here’s what several brake experts

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Meritor introduces Opti-Lite brake drums

Meritor has introduced a new line of lightweight drum brakes, the Opti-Lite line. According to Meritor, the Opti-Lite drum is designed for linehaul and weight-sensitive applications such as tanker/trailer and freight, and is geared toward cost-conscious aftermarket consumers. “Developed on the same platform as our established STEELite X30 brake drums, the Opti-Lite drum maintains the high

Roll on, efficiency: Tires and fuel efficiency

Any time we talk about increasing the trailer part of the fuel efficiency equation, the conversation immediately turns to aerodynamics and light-weighting. But let’s not forget that the proposed rule making also mentions low rolling resistance tires and tire pressure systems. The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) and the North American Council for Freight

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