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Purkey’s introduces 100-amp charger

Purkey’s Fleet Electric has developed a 100-amp Pack Accelerated Charger (PAC) that can quickly and safely charge up to eight batteries in nearly half the time of other chargers, the company said. The PAC can charge these batteries while they remain in the vehicle. The PAC pushes current into a battery pack without compromising the safety of

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Answering your electrical load questions

Q: What specific battery maintenance is necessary to stave off low voltage concerns? A: For battery maintenance, diligent and frequent monitoring of battery voltage when the engine is switched off for more than several hours is very important. Also, be sure to maintain clean battery terminals that are torqued solidly. These clean, tight connections are

Inverter insight with Bruce Purkey
Low voltage lowdown: Dealing with growing electrical load demands

With the massive amount of electrical demand placed on today’s trucks, the dangers of low voltage demands are a real consequence faced by today’s fleets. The entire start and charge process of the truck’s electrical system is impacted by low voltage situations. You’ll see the effect in lift gates, electric APUs, hotel devices or any

Purkey’s introduces Capacitor Actuated Portable Starter

Purkey’s Fleet Electric has introduced the Capacitor Actuated Portable Starter (CAPS), a new portable jump start machine for heavy-duty vehicles. CAPS makes use of an ultracapacitor, which can store 10 to 100 times more energy than electrolytic capacitors, can accept and deliver charge much faster than batteries, and tolerate many more charge and discharge cycles than rechargeable batteries,

Purkey’s releases new Solar Bolt charge controller

Purkey’s Fleet Electric has released the new Solar Bolt charge controller, a new charging option that utilizes patent-pending technology designed to work in conjunction with the electrical system on a vehicle or trailer. The module’s technology allows the Solar Bolt to provide power to the liftgate batteries when the vehicle is off or on. Users can

Inverter insight with Bruce Purkey
Equipment options that can help avoid parasitic loads

Each of FE’s interviewed battery manufacturers on the topic of parasitic loads were quick to mention the products they offer that will help trucks avoid parasitic load issues. Exide recommends their Road Force AGM 200, which they say has two times better cycling and 40% greater charge acceptance when compared to conventional flooded batteries, for

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Keep the truck running: Fighting parasitic loads

Recruiting and retaining experienced, high-quality drivers is a challenge. The job demands long hours on the road away from family. To keep up with driver demand and support recruitment efforts, many of today’s trucks are decked out with all the latest in technology: GPS; TVs; refrigerators; entertainment systems; you name it. While this is certainly

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Eaton introduces DC to AC inverter

Eaton has added a new DC to AC inverter to its lineup of products for the commercial vehicle industry. The new Eaton Pure Sine Wave Inverter produces either 1,000 or 1,800 watts of AC power output from a standard Class 8 DC vehicle battery and can be used to power phone chargers, computers, heaters, microwaves,