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Fleet Equipment has gathered strategy experts from all throughout Trimble Transportation to answer your toughest questions about data, privacy, artificial intelligence and more.

Navistar presents 2020-24 strategy for shareholders

Navistar International Corporation presented its 2020-24 strategy, “Navistar 4.0,” at its Investor Day event Sept. 19, laying out a plan to increase the company’s earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) margins to 12%.

Trimble announces new software capabilities and enhancements

Trimble announced the launch of new capabilities for shippers, carriers and service providers that delivers connectivity to Trimble’s transportation applications and solutions at Trimble’s 2019 in.sight user conference and expo.

Benchmarking success: Utility fleets are using performance metrics to drive measurable improvements

Fleet executives at the annual Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (EUFMC), discussed benchmarking. For fleet managers on the panel, using data and performance metrics is a means of showing opportunities for improvement, through which cost savings can be realized.

Bridgestone acquires TomTom’s digital fleet solutions business

Bridgestone Corporation’s subsidiary Bridgestone Europe NV/SA entered into an agreement with TomTom earlier this year to acquire TomTom Telematics, its digital fleet solutions business, for €910 million (about $1,015,239,680).

Phillips Connect releases two new asset tracking products

Phillips Connect Technologies (PCT) has released EZTrac and EZTrac Plus. These asset tracking solutions give constant visibility of a trailer or chassis fleet while requiring minimal install time, the company says.

Advanced software and analytics can help audit and interpret VMRS

Advanced software with maintenance analytics can help organize the entries and interpret the data for better decision-making.

What’s your heavy-duty truck service data responsibility?

Perhaps “responsibility” is too loaded of a word. Let’s not think of service data as another item on your To-Do List. Let’s call it something far more marketable—an opportunity. The telematics technology built into the trucks of the previous three, four, and even five years has created a vast “data lake” (toss that buzzword around

Finding your focus in the noisy world of service telematics

Here’s the thing about service data: There’s a lot of it. Remote diagnostic systems throw all sorts of fault codes—by some accounts there are more than 5,000 fault codes that can put a truck on the side of the road. On top of that, they also report plenty of yellow- and green-coded fault codes. (What

Revenge of the regen

“Regeneration.” The word alone is enough to send chills down a fleet service manager’s spine. Although the reliability of aftertreatment systems has improved over the years, it’s still a top service pain point for fleets polled by Fleet Service Technology. One of the latest headaches is the abuse of the regen inhibit button. With a single

‘From first mile to last mile’: is it time to expand into new applications?

  The trucking industry is experiencing a boom with no end in short-term sight. The latest report from FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index—which tracks changes in U.S. truck market conditions, including freight volumes, freight rates, fleet capacity, fuel price and financing—is that the y/y Index remains more than triple the 2017 reading of 2.97. The current

Peterson introduces its Pulse Intelligent Trailer System

Identifying the need for trailers to become as smart as today’s heavy-duty trucks, Peterson introduced its patented PetersonPulse Intelligent Trailer System, a trailer telematics solution that brings CAN-Bus technology and telematic capability to trailers. Engineered specifically for fleet trailers, Pulse not only controls and detects real-time status of vital trailer systems–lights, ABS brakes, tire pressure,