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DMA announces Bulldog HD 90-day guarantee

The new 90-day guarantee comes in addition to DMA’s existing 2-year 200K mile warranty on Bulldog HD shock absorbers.

Stemco expands extended warranty coverage to P.S.I. products

The Platinum Performance System Plus now includes Stemco P.S.I.-ready hubcaps and additional Stemco components.

Like a ticking clock: How data can help get truck warranty claims filled out on time

In order to have a warranty claim successfully processed, there has to be a paper trail, and it has to be ironclad.

Daimler Truck North America launches Extended Optimum for used truck coverage

The extended coverage comes with genuine OEM parts and service through DTNA’s dealer service network.

Extended warranties: Do they have any value?

The real question is not what the extended warranty covers, but what it does not cover.

What’s supporting your truck equipment warranty?

Equipment warranties play a big role in your truck service operation’s profitability. No fleet is a stranger to the warranty claim process, and the headaches that come along with it. But, with all the service data streaming off of your trucks, you have a host of information to help push your claim through. The catch?

The four ‘C’s of successful truck equipment warranty claims

The more information you can provide to your warranty provider surrounding a claim, the better chance you have of it being accepted. You may have heard about the three Cs of warranty claims: Cause, Correction and Complaint. But Dave Walters, senior solutions engineer for Trimble Transportation, likes to talk about a fourth C: Comments. “A

The four Cs of successful truck equipment warranty claims
Providing the right data to speed up truck service

The threats that will put your trucks on the side of the road haven’t changed much–brakes, lights and tires are still the main culprits, according to Dave Walters, senior solutions engineer for Trimble Transportation–but what has changed is what you can do about it. The service data streaming off of your trucks are fueling everything

Provide right data speed up truck service
Battery maintenance: Know your warranty

What do you do when your dealer refuses to warranty batteries because their pocket electronic tester says the batteries are good?

Battery truck electrical
Spectra announces fuel delivery lifetime warranty

A limited lifetime warranty on its Fuel Pump Assemblies, Electrical and Mechanical Fuel Pumps and Fuel Strainers has been announced by Spectra Premium Industries. “Continuous improvement, product validation and progressive engineering are the main contents of Spectra Premium’s fuel delivery products,” said Jason Best, vice president of sales and marketing at Spectra. “These rigorous processes