The four 'C's of successful truck equipment warranty claims
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The four ‘C’s of successful truck equipment warranty claims

Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.


The more information you can provide to your warranty provider surrounding a claim, the better chance you have of it being accepted. You may have heard about the three Cs of warranty claims: Cause, Correction and Complaint. But Dave Walters, senior solutions engineer for Trimble Transportation, likes to talk about a fourth C: Comments.

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“A story about what occurred and why it occurred can be critical information when you file a claim,” he said.

But how do you keep all the information together and clearly present it in your claim? I connected with Walters and Renaldo Adler, industry principal of TMT with Trimble Transportation, to talk about best practices for gathering equipment data before a warranty situation even happens and how to navigate different warranties from different OEMs and suppliers. Watch the video above for all of the insight.

I guarantee you’ll like hearing more from Trimble

And that’s a warranty you can depend on. Click below for a conversation with Walters and Adler about how to improve your truck service process and get them back on the road faster.

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