Trailer telematics and the 'smart' trailer evolution

Trailer telematics and the ‘smart’ trailer evolution

Trailers are in a unique position. No, I don’t mean behind the tractor (hey-O!). I’m talking about the current phase of the trailer telematics evolution. While trailer telematics has mostly revolved around GPS location tracking (and that’s still important), the amount of data that trailer components are generating—from wheel ends and tires to lighting and even the cargo space—is growing.

With more data comes more intelligence.

We’ve seen it happen on the tractor side—a massive data lake is filled with operational information that can be analyzed and acted upon to impact everything from operation to serviceability. That’s coming to trailers. The question is: How? Or perhaps more importantly: How can you ensure the trailer industry creates data-rich solutions that meet your fleet management and data integration needs?

Let’s find out. I connected with Rob Phillips, president and CEO; Jim Epler, general manager; and Jessica Smith, director of business intelligence and analytics, Phillips Connect. We talk about the current state of trailer telematics, what makes a “smart” trailer smart, and how fleets can work with their service providers to ensure solutions are developed with their needs in mind. Watch the video above.

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