A truck data A.I. speaks!

A truck data A.I. speaks!

Geotab lets us talk with its ChatGPT-like Project G A.I. about truck data.

Artificial intelligence isn’t here to replace us—it’s here to assist us. Large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT allow us to interact with data and information through a conversation instead of dashboards and static displays. Think about it: Instead of sifting through spreadsheets or telematics dashboards, fleet managers can ask the A.I. about their fleet’s idle time in the past month or which vehicles drove the most miles. You don’t need to be a data scientist to find value in your truck data.

“There are a number of different ways that you can look at outlier detection, such as, ‘Show me the outliers for idling over the last month,'” explained Mike Branch, vice president of data and analytics at Geotab. “This would be something that would actually be somewhat complex to do if you’re a data scientist or an analyst. What Project G has done is assume a certain methodology, and then it showed us outliers both on both sides—too high and too low.”

It’s interactive and it’s intuitive; it’s also really, really new, and not just for the user. In the case of Geotab’s Project G, a ChatGPT-like LLM that is currently beta testing with fleet customers, every interaction with the A.I. helps it learn and refine its responses. In addition to the conversations, Geotab also incorporated a feedback mechanism—a thumbs up or down feature—that helps to ensure that the A.I.’s answers become more accurate over time.

Clearly, the best way to understand the A.I.-driven possibilities is to actually talk with the A.I. So that’s what we did. Branch and Sajad Shiravi, senior product manager at Geotab, sat down to walk us through a conversation with Project G. Watch the video above to see Project G’s ability to interpret and compute different metrics on the fly, based on specific questions, and then stick around for the conversation surrounding the best way to ask it questions and what this all might mean for A.I. technology in trucking.

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