The problem of unassigned drive time and what NFI Industries did about it

The problem of unassigned drive time and what NFI Industries did about it

When you start tracking everything, you start to notice gaps. One of the unforeseen challenges of trucking’s ELD mandate was the problem of unassigned drive time–instances of the truck moving without a driver logged. Maybe it was at a service station, maybe a fuel depot, maybe a delivery location. Either way, it’s the carrier’s responsibility to fill those unassigned time gaps. With some fleets generating upwards of 5,000 unassigned driver events per day, according Rick Walters, Lytx’s senior director of compliance services, the problem quickly gets out of hand.

NFI Industries decided to put data to work to fix the problem. Lee Robledo, vice president of safety compliance, regulatory and investigations, NFI industries, tapped Walters and the Lytx team to come up with a solution. I connected with both Robledo and Walters to understand the problem and get our arms around the technology driving a solution. Watch the video above for all of the insight.

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