Apollo Tires releases next-generation truck tire

Apollo Tires releases next-generation truck tire

Available in 315/70 size for 22.5-inch rims, the tire has been re-engineered to deliver an average 5% increase in mileage.

Apollo Tires has launched the second generation of its EnduRace RA 2 truck tire for regional transport, introducing a new tread design and uprated materials. Available in 315/70 size for 22.5-inch rims, the company says that the tire has been re-engineered to deliver an average 5% increase in mileage.

The EnduRace RA 2, which has been developed and manufactured in Europe, features a compact new tread design with a wider contact area than its predecessor. The revised compound has improved abrasion properties, while the modified bead construction and the integration of low hysteresis material on the high-stress region of the tire provide protection against deformation under load, the company said.

Compared to the company’s first-generation ‘RA’ tire, Apollo notes that the new EnduRace RA 2 delivers a 10% reduction in rolling resistance and 1dB lower average road noise, while also offering a 10% improvement in traction.

The EnduRace RA 2 is the latest product to feature Apollo Tyres’ ‘Invisible Groove Technology,’ a groove pattern incorporating ‘Multi-Edge’ shoulder blocks for grip, traction, and durability, the press release notes. According to the company, the new EnduRace RA 2 will be launched later this month.

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