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Trailer productivity: doors & floors

Trailer floor systems are much more complex than simply a set of floorboards secured to crossmembers that run between bottom rails.

At your service

With a fleet of highly reliable delivery trucks, Stephenson Wholesale Co. is meeting the needs of a wide range of customers

Dedicated to quality

For Pitt Ohio Express, investing in effective equipment and advanced technology is proving to be the key to long term success

Fuel economy: weight savings

While cost savings will vary depending on vocation, application and operating conditions, states a Kenworth White Paper published a few years ago, weight savings can improve the life cycle cost of a vehicle in two respects: increased payload capacity and better fuel economy.

Remarketing choice

Remarketing -?? a big word for what fleet managers know as trading-in or selling used vehicles – is nevertheless an important part of your responsibilities.e the use of particulate traps to meet stringent emissions requirements.sed payload capacity and better fuel economy.e=”font-family: Arial;”>N.C., early in May.ze in our lifetime – then fuel economy is likely a high priority for you.

Application specific: Bulk transport

The process of choosing the best specifications for trailers used in bulk hauling applications can be complicated.

Test Bed

By evaluating biodiesel in its operation, Decker Truck Line is finding answers to questions that could benefit the entire trucking industry

Industry value

With 90 fleet managers from in-vestor-owned electric utilities in the U.S. and Canada in attendance at its 54th annual gathering, the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (EUFMC), which was held in June in Williamsburg, Va., attracted a record number of attendees.

Trailer Productivity: Security systems, trailer tracking; interior lighting solutions

According to the International Cargo Security Council, U.S. businesses lose $10 billion per year in merchandise theft, and the average value of a cargo theft is $500,000, a number that has grown fivefold in the past 25 years.

Smart choices

Partnering with a full-service, leasing-services provider on vehicle, maintenance and safety programs helps ICON Transportation meet a variety of customer needs

For resale, drivetrains…

Valuable advice from clutch, transmission, driveline and rear axle manufacturers.

Hybrids: Creating incentives

With any new technology and especially experimental designs, low production volumes mean higher prices for fleets.