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Carrier Transicold unveils thin-profile Vector HE 19 unit for intermodal transport


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Carrier Transicold has introduced the Vector HE 19 unit, which the company says delivers the cooling and freezing capacities for intermodal container refrigeration system in its thin-profile class.

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The Vector HE 19 unit is Carrier Transicold’s first North American transport refrigeration system to use the refrigerant R-452A exclusively. Developed for lower environmental impact, R-452A has a global warming potential about half that of the refrigerant traditionally used in transport applications, the company shared.

“The Vector HE 19 unit is trim and high performing, delivering more BTUs of cooling per hour per RPM than any model in the thin-profile class—as much as 36% more efficient than its competition,” said Bill Maddox, senior manager of product management at Carrier Transicold. “With its modern new design, the Vector HE 19 unit delivers 16% greater deep-frozen capacity and 20% more refrigeration capacity than its class competitor.”

According to the company, the Vector HE 19 unit is especially well suited for 53-ft. domestic intermodal containers because it optimizes space utilization within, allowing up to 7% more cargo to be carried—15 pallet rows, rather than 14.

The new unit features Carrier Transicold’s E-Drive technology, which uses a high-output generator direct-coupled to a diesel engine to power an all-electric refrigeration system. Intelligent controls automatically activate individual components, such as the compressor and fans, running only what it needs, precisely when needed, so components run less and last longer than traditional counterparts, the company explained.


The simplified refrigeration architecture eliminates many routine-maintenance parts used in conventional transport refrigeration units, such as vibrasorbers, clutches, shaft seals, alternators, drive belts and pulleys, according to the company.

The Vector HE 19 unit has integrated electric standby, enabling the unit to be plugged into a power source when parked, eliminating emissions and noise from the refrigeration unit engine, conserving fuel and reducing operating costs. E-Drive technology delivers the unit’s full rated refrigeration capacity when on standby, the company added.



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