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Six wheel spec’ing considerations

Proper spec’ing your vehicles’ wheels can be relatively simple and straight-forward by following a manufacturer’s recommendations to achieve the longest life and performance from your wheels. The experts at Maxion Wheels, a large manufacturer of lightweight steel wheels, suggest fleet equipment specifiers can make wheels a ‘non-issue’ if they’d follow these spec’ing considerations to achieve long

Maxion Wheels Sixth Wheel Specing Recommendations
Empowering components: Electrical products play an vital role in the truck’s operation

Whenever you talk about batteries, you have to talk about the electrical systems and the components they power. While the latest technology and devices might come to mind, electrical products such as starters, alternators, EGR valves, ignitions, sensors, turbo actuators, engine control units and headlamps play an vital role in the truck’s operation and have

Harnessing the power: Spec’ing batteries to meet today’s electrical system demands

The demands placed on today’s fleets are staggering. In addition to increased efficiency demands on the mechanical side, computer systems, ECUs, GPS, iPhones, TVs, reefer units and countless other innovations tax the truck’s electrical system. The electrical demands are more than ever in history, and demand for voltage is not going away—it’s going to grow.

Heavy-duty Truck Sleeper Batteries
Phillips PERMALITE XB interior trailer lamp now 30% brighter

Available for new trailers and for retrofit on existing trailers, according to the company, the new PERMALITE XB, with a 1600 lumen output, produces a 175-degree light spread.

Factory-installed inverters are a must have for many fleets

In Joe Egan’s office, a framed picture shows a long-haul tractor, or more precisely, its charred remains. “It’s not one of our trucks, but it illustrates what can happen when an electrical fire is caused by a bad inverter installation,” he says. “It gives a visual reminder to any driver who comes into my office what can happen if an inverter isn’t installed correctly.”

“We have met the enemy, and it are us”

About the headline, Walt Kelly’s comic strip character, Pogo, used this expression to suggest that we are our own worst enemies. Walt Kelly was a great political satirist and was deadly accurate.The United States is still one of the few developed nations without a national energy policy. When several people are killed by a runaway freight

Extending battery life cycles

A proactive approach to battery maintenance can extend battery life, improve battery performance, reduce maintenance costs and drastically reduce the money spent on new batteries and old battery disposal.

Optimizing drain intervals: There’s money to be saved if oil drain intervals can safely be extended

Of course, it depends and awful lot on exactly what your trucks are doing, but it’s a good bet that you could be changing oil and filters less frequently if you haven’t attempted to optimize the oil change intervals established for your PM schedules. You purchase engine lubricants just as you do with other consumables for your fleet: Fuel, tires, brake linings. You do your best to maximize the use of most consumables, but have you done your best to maximize the life of the engine lubricant you purchase?

Racor rolls out fuel filter/water separator

The Racor Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. introduced the FBO fuel filter/water separator. Available in two sizes, the FBO is designed for high-flow applications from 10 to 75 GPM, as a primary fuel filter/water separator on diesel engines or for bulk fuel handling and transfer.

Choosing fuel options for pickup trucks

Fleets looking for an alternative fuel option can now order 2013 model year bi-fuel pickups from GM, and some have already taken that step to help control fuel costs and reduce their carbon footprint. “At Chesapeake Energy Corp. we are converting our fleet of more than 5,000 vehicles to run on natural gas,” said Nate

Good friction: Replacing air disc brake pads

According to Rick Martin, senior manager of aftermarket training for Meritor, when it comes to purchasing replacement friction material for air disc brakes (ADB), there are some things fleets need to know—the most important of which is buying the same lining material the OEM installed on that vehicle; i.e, replace like for like. “OE brake

Truck-Lite LED headlamps now standard on Freightliner models

High-visibility, custom-engineered Truck-Lite LED headlamps are now standard on all Freightliner Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution truck models.