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Puradyn releases new website

Updated with new user-friendly navigation, a redesigned online presentation of product and service offerings is now available from Puradyn Filter Technologies Inc. Site improvements include Online Warranty Registration, a simplified Distributor & Manufacturer’s Rep Locator, a Search the Site function, and social media buttons for Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Be sure to

PuraDyn debuts new website
Seven steps to properly prep fifth wheels for coupling

The following steps are recommended by SAF-Holland for preping your fifth wheel for coupling. However, the company recommend that you follow your specific fifth wheel manufacturer’s instructions. 1. Prior to coupling, you must inspect the fifth wheel and mounting. Perform and verify the following: Tighten loose fasteners; Replace missing fasteners; Repair/replace missing, cracked, or otherwise

SAF Holland Preping Fifth Wheel
Can’t we just be objective?

Can’t we just be objective? Okay, so I’m a scientist. That means I’m trained to deal in facts—not just “meadow muffins,” as a famous TV colonel used to say. The corn-based ethanol industry is in a dither. A leaked draft of the EPA’s suggested renewable fuel standard (RFS) volumes for 2014 showed a continuation of

Fuels and lubes column
Tire “remanufacturing” pays dividends

“We were ‘green’ before it was cool,” proclaimed Randy Hanson, technical training manager, training and development, Bridgestone Commercial Solutions at its training center located within Bridgestone Americas’ LaVergne, Tenn., manufacturing facility. A 13-year veteran with Bandag, Hanson served as a field service rep become assuming the important and influential training role. With the genuine passion

Tire remanufacturing pays dividends
Rolling as part of a system

Recently, while discussing radial truck tire performance with several seasoned industry veterans, a valid and useful point was raised. Several decades ago, many truck tire problems used to be finally diagnosed as simply that “tire problems.” This is less the case in recent years. Tire performance is best understood and more expediently diagnosed when considered

Rolling as a part of a system
Stay cool: Refrigerated trailers and bodies

The thermal efficiency of any refrigerated truck body or trailer is a direct result of materials used and construction techniques. At Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies, for example, a sandwich construction process for the company’s Blizzard, Guardian, Majestic and Cadet models includes using seamless exterior fiberglass panels and seamless interior liners called ArcticTherm, steel tubes and

Great Dane
Good preventative maintenance can cure CSA headaches

Ever since the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration launched its initiative called Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) there has been increased attention to the condition of over-the-road equipment. Everyone wants to avoid problems during a roadside inspection because every infraction will be reported to the FMCSA and made public via the Internet. According to some fleet

Avoiding CSA Headaches Violations
Ken-Tool introduces axle drain pan

The 30600 Professional Super Single Axle Drain Pan from Ken-Tool can be securely attached to wheels using two or three lug studs with finger tightened nuts. The pan, which is contoured to rest flat with the sides gripping the wheel’s drop-center, fits most 22.5- and 24.5-in., 10-hole hub or stud-piloted steel or alloy wide-base and dual wheels. Made

Electronic inspection technology can increase compliance ROI

A white paper from Drivewyze that details the benefits of new transponder technology and the challenges impacting FMCSA and state enforcement agency efforts to improve highway safety is now available from the company. According to Brian Heath, chief executive officer of Drivewyze, there are 4.5 million trucks required to report to weigh stations across North

Maxxeon offers wide-angle mini-floodlight tire inspection tool

The new WorkStar Pocket Floodlight from Maxxeon features an LED that produces over 140 lumens of light, more than 10 times the amount of light produced by an incandescent bulb using the same current. The light’s wide-angle, floodlight-style beam pattern is most effective at a range of six inches to three feet. The pen light-style

Kit Masters gives away a Harley-Davidson

Throughout the summer of 2013, Kit Masters included a unique registration code in the box of every GoldTop fan clutch rebuild kit the company manufactured. The registration codes allowed buyers to sign up for a random drawing to win a customized 2013 Harley-Davidson Fatboy motorcycle (GoldTop Edition). After holding a random drawing at the company

Stertil-Koni introduces heavy-duty hydraulic mobile column lift

The new Stertil-Koni ST 1085 mobile column vehicle lift features a lifting capacity of 18,500 lbs. per column and is equipped with extra-long adjustable pick-up forks of 14 in. to raise all types of vehicles, including those with wide base single tires. In addition, the width between the lifting forks is adjustable, so vehicles with