Improving profitability within fleet repair facilities

Improving profitability within fleet repair facilities

Shops can improve their productivity and profitability if these utilize outside repair and refinish sources by inquiring if they provide such Express Scratch Repair (ESR) services. This improves the shop’s productivity by having dents, scratches and other imperfections repaired at the same time other services are performed. It also gets equipment back on the road that much faster, and does not require a separate service visit—or one that may take two to three days—depriving the vehicle of in-service time.

This is especially important for fleets that utilize leased vehicles, because in most cases, these types of repairs will need to be done anyway or there will most likely be a charge if they are returned (in the leasing company’s eyes, anyway) as “damaged.”

According to Dan Szczepanik, Sherwin-Williams global products manager, fleet and manufacturing products manager, “As fleets attempt to avoid ever-increasing insurance premiums, they become likely candidates for a less expensive repair alternative. One option is Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Fleet Express Scratch Repair, which can help fleet repair facilities capitalize on this growing opportunity and overlooked market segment. In addition to more business, this process gives each facility the chance to increase profitability through substantial energy savings on each repair.”

Fleet repair centers can capitalize on the opportunity to generate a new revenue stream by offering their customers a fast and affordable repair for small dents, scratches, and scrapes. Here are the benefits for the fleet repair facility:

• Increasing throughput and productivity; and

• Increasing the profitability of each repair.

Szczepanik notes that using the HP Process Refinish System will increase throughput in any fleet facility. HP technology is unique in that it employs a no bake process. Its topcoat provides outstanding color match, is easy to apply and increases air dry times to just 30 minutes or less. As a result, when vehicles are already in for major (or minor) service needs—or simply for clean-up and detailing—they can also have scrapes and dents repaired, with quality matching paint applied, dried and delivered, all in the same day.

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