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Finish them! The top trucking paints and finishes trends

The truck is the first thing a client sees when their load rolls onto the lot, and you know what they say about first impressions. When a truck is new, there’s not much to worry about when it comes to paints and finishes, but the road is long and a truck’s work is hard. Dings,

Proper paint protection: Ensuring your trucks’ paint and finish protect and shine

Today’s truck components are infused with the latest technology and advanced features, and the paints and finishes that coat your truck are no exception. According to J.J. Wirth, brand manager of the fleet segment for the U.S. and Canada with PPG, the three major areas that have seen the latest advancements and formulations are corrosion

Paints, finishes protect against corrosion, brand erosion

An exciting, bright coat of paint can do wonders for a truck. In many ways the finish is the “face” of the fleet­­—carriers want to make a good first impression and there’s no better place to start than the appearance of the trucks to strengthen the fleet’s brand. Beyond the surface value, a truck’s paint and

How paint finishes can add resale value

According to the paint finish experts at Sherwin-Williams, “in order to provide the best truck resale value, a fleet should use coatings engineered to stand up to harsh environmental effects such as rust and UV damage. The best specification option when taking durability and performance into consideration is a basecoat/clearcoat system that provides an extra

Paints and primers that protect your truck for the long haul

People judge a book by a cover. It happens. First impressions matter and the same goes for fleets: Customers may judge your service based on your trucks’ finishes. Beyond that, corrosion is a big culprit in undermining the longevity of your equipment. So let’s start at the finish. “There are two reasons to refinish a

Sherwin-Williams Automotive introduces new epoxy primer

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes introduced a new direct to metal (DTM) epoxy primer (E2A400) designed for fleet and manufacturing. This primer is U.S. compliant at 2.1-lbs./gal. VOC, boasts ready to spray solids of 48% and applies similarly to a sealer, the company said. E2A400 is easily topcoatable, provides great overall performance and can be used with

Fleet color and paint finishes that impress

Most fleets take great pride in the condition of their on-highway trucks, and why not? They are moving billboards that can reveal a lot about the fleet. A good-looking truck is a great on-the-road ambassador. Conversely, trucks with excessive signs of wear, like rust, fading paint finishes or nicks and dings, don’t leave a good

Sherwin-Williams introduces high build additive

The new High Build Additive, GA6100, from Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes is designed to increase wet film application for the already established Genesis and AIC single stage topcoats, said the company. By adding one to three ounces per ready to spray gallon, the sag point of the topcoat will increase up to double the wet film

The finishing touch: Paints and finishes that ‘wow’ and protect

Those smooth lines. That clean finish. Is there anything more inspiring than a beautifully finished truck ready to hit the road and get the job done? In today’s trucking industry, a well-maintained truck finish reflects the detail-oriented, hard-working philosophy of the fleet. But every day your rolling road warriors are fighting a battle against road

Paint Finish Fleets Protect
Improving profitability within fleet repair facilities

Shops can improve their productivity and profitability if these utilize outside repair and refinish sources by inquiring if they provide such Express Scratch Repair (ESR) services. This improves the shop’s productivity by having dents, scratches and other imperfections repaired at the same time other services are performed. It also gets equipment back on the road that

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