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Why truck winterization is not finished in November

Many transportation fleets begin the process of preparing their trucks for winter in November, a process known as “winterizing.” However, the practice of winterizing your truck should take place all throughout the winter months, not just in November.

The next mile marker on the road to predictive truck maintenance

One of the latest indications of maintenance recommendation innovation is Volvo Trucks’ recently-announced Dynamic Maintenance. By partnering with Noregon, the new service uses existing connected technologies and data analytics, namely Volvo ASIST, combined with Noregon’s TripVision vehicle health monitoring system, to enable customized service plans to an individual-vehicle level.

Hendrickson Truck launches new digital parts catalog

The digital parts catalog is accessible through any mobile or desktop device and does not require additional downloads or apps.

What your fleet needs to know about scan tools

Fleet managers can help avoid the downtime of waiting on or sending a truck to the dealership by owning the right scan tools. Not only can this minimize headaches, it can save the fleet money.

Cutting repair time: Using induction heating for fleet maintenance

An effective system of tracking and implementing preventative maintenance can reduce the amount of time that trucks are out of service. That’s why tools and technologies that can reduce the amount of time spent on routine maintenance and repairs are in demand in the maintenance of heavy-duty trucks. And increasingly, induction heating tools are part of the mix.

Clore Automotive releases new wheeled battery charger

Clore Automotive has released a 12/24-volt intelligent wheel charger, from Solar. The PL3760 provides three operational modes for service: auto charging mode, stable power mode and engine start assistance mode.

A truck service success story

Atlas Trucking relied on third-party service providers until about four years ago when the fleet decided to take its service matters into its own hands.

New software won’t fix your fleet’s costs by itself

New software, updated software, data, reports, pie charts, graphs and charts do not fix the high costs of running a fleet.

New M&R software innovations keep costs check

Maintenance and repair is critical because it significantly impacts every type of operation.

Turning unplanned heavy-duty truck maintenance into planned maintenance

Predictive maintenance buzz continues to swirl within conversations about data, connectivity and what it means to a fleet’s service network. As nebulous at the technology sounds, it’s far more grounded than peering into a smoke-filled crystal ball or pulling playing cards from a deck and trying to guess them. Troy Clarke, Navistar president and chief

Shop profile: Taking care of business at MHC Kenworth in Greensboro

Jordan Knoll is focused on customer

The path to paperless

Paperless maintenance management systems can save administrative time.