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How to Get a Handle on Your Truck Fleet’s Toll Costs 

As toll costs and the number of toll lanes continue increasing, trucking firms need technology that helps them manage toll spending. “It is said there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. But in trucking, the certainties are regulations and tolls,” said Kelly Frey, chief revenue officer for PrePass, in a recent webinar “How

Examining the differences between a ball hitch and a pintle hitch

When it comes to connecting a truck to a light or medium-duty trailer, fleets have two primary options: a ball hitch or a pintle hitch. But how are they different, and what makes the most sense for your application? A common ball hitch – as the name suggests – is a steel ball that accepts an

Why paying attention to diesel engine filtration data pays off

It’s easy to tune out the massive amount of truck telematics coming at you and focus on what you know from years of experience, but turning a blind eye to diesel engine data can cost you in the short- and long-term. The piston-pumping heart of your rolling iron deserves as much attention as your own

Don’t guess diesel engine air filter useful life—know it with Senzit

Trucks operate in harsh conditions—ragged roads, dusty trails, and long stretches of highway through untamed elements. The diesel engine filtration system—air, oil, fuel—is the first line of engine defense from unwanted contaminants. They work hard so that your equipment can work harder, and it’s imperative that you keep a close eye on engine filtration if

Continental highlights heavy-duty wiper blades

Make sure your fleet’s windshield wipers stand up to any type of weather conditions your drivers encounter. Continental ClearContact Commercial Duty Wiper Blades are engineered to provide all-weather durability and reliability. Designed for fast and easy installation, they are available in four blade designs and lengths from 10 to 40 inches. ClearContact wiper blades feature

EV regenerative braking doesn’t mean you forget about the brake pads

EVs are coming. As manufacturers ramp up production of EVs across nearly all car and light-truck makes and models, selecting a high-quality brake pad is extremely important.The reason is twofold. Not only are EVs quieter than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, making brake noise even more unwelcome, but EV braking system effectiveness can also be

Unboxing A Premium Heavy Duty Differential Rebuild Kit

There’s nothing like the feeling of cracking open a box of high-quality truck components. Today, we have a Drivetrain Service Kit from Bower Heavy Duty Bearings. Let’s pop the top and see what’s inside. Components in this kit:• Seals• Sealant• Thread-locker• Bearings/ Races – Tapered Roller Bearing Sets, Cylindrical Roller Bearings & Ball Bearings NTN’s

Heavy-duty truck tech tip: Wheel-end Spacer Kits

Proper wheel-end maintenance is paramount in truck safety. Wheel bearings require attention increase vehicle uptime, and help you lower truck service labor costs. Consider Pre-Adjusted Commercial Vehicle Wheel-End Kits from Bower Bearings, which consist of two tapered roller bearings with matched outer races and a heavy-duty cone spacer and are manufactured to achieve extremely tight

How Replacing Urea/DEF Filters Can Help You Avoid These 4 Performance Issues 

When it comes to routine heavy-duty truck maintenance, the Urea/Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) filter is rarely the first filter that comes to mind in need of replacement.  Everyone knows oil, fuel and air filters must be changed periodically to maintain service intervals and engine warranties. Unfortunately, some parts managers and maintenance technicians may still be

What does the heavy-duty repair industry look like?

That’s one of the questions we asked ourselves as we dove into our second edition of the State of Heavy-Duty Repair. Our goal was to provide a deep dive into the industry, and to do this we surveyed hundreds of shop owners, fleet managers, technicians, and others across the United States and Canada.  We think

Interior Corrosion – Public Enemy Number One to Semi-Truck Cabs

In-cab corrosion is a big deal in the heavy-duty trucking industry, costing fleets five-to-six figures annually. Every fleet manager in the business would love to eliminate in-cab corrosion, but how? Chemicals are introduced to the cab by a driver’s boots, and drivers are in and out of the truck numerous times a day. The salt and

Deciphering diesel fault codes to fix filtration issues

Every fault code alert can feel like a maintenance mystery—a “whodunit” of symptoms that service sleuths have to parse through to find the root cause of the issue. Consider a fault that indicates the engine is losing power. The check engine light comes on, the truck de-rates and the first question in the service-minded process