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What’s a truck e-inspection and how does it work?

Truck technology advancements hold a multitude of opportunities and one major, common challenge: Change. What sounds great in theory takes a lot of time and energy to turn into a reality. Consider electronic inspections for trucks at weigh stations. Certainly digital vehicle inspection reports are well known to fleets, but when a truck pulls into

The processes that make truck dealers great partners

Right now, with supply chain challenges continuing and new equipment order boards as tight as they are, a great truck dealer relationship is worth its weight in productive truck equipment gold. Leveraging partnerships gets work done and keeps you ahead of your competition. There’s a lot that goes into it. You have to find the

Getting our bearings on the heavy-duty aftermarket

The shockwave of supply chain challenges touches every segment of the heavy-duty market. That means daily communication with suppliers and distributors to get materials, parts and trucks to where they need to be. All while the trucking industry’s tectonic plates shift under the surface, causing earth-shaking changes as new technology enters the industry’s atmosphere. For

How data impacts electric truck operation

There’s more nuance in running a heavy-duty electric truck compared to a diesel hauler. At least, at first. Range only creates anxiety until you understand and have worked with it. To ensure loads get to where they need to go, there’s front end work that has to be done, namely route planning and charging strategy.

Growing electric truck usage, battery ‘circularity’ with Volvo Trucks president Peter Voorhoeve

Battery electric trucks in short-route applications might have started modestly, but adoption is growing at a solid pace. At ACT Expo this year, Volvo Trucks noted several customer orders that build on top of last year’s numbers. NFI committed to 60 more Volvo VNR Electric trucks with Quality Custom Distribution (QCD) is increasing its commitment

Freightliner eCascadia battery electric truck walk around

After several years of co-development with fleets and more than 1 million cumulative test miles, Freightliner rolled out the production-series eCascadia battery electric Class 8 truck at this year’s ACT Expo. It touts a typical range of approximately 230 miles, depending on the vehicle configurations, and is backed by Daimler Truck North America eConsulting services

Truck technology that helps tackle supply chain challenges

The theme in today’s stretched supply chain is “day to day.” Talk with anyone. (Seriously, anyone in basically any industry) and supply is managed to the best of abilities every day. We work with what we got, but what about what we’re going to need? For that we need more visibility into our operations. Through

What makes an electric truck ‘electric’?

The headline can seem like a silly question, but consider the Hyliion Hypertruck ERX–it’s an electric powertrain truck where batteries are being charged and they power the Meritor 14Xe e-axle. But it has a range of 1,000 miles. The catch? The batteries are charged by an on-board natural gas generator and the truck is fueled

Roadside truck service assistance you can see

Where is the tow truck?! When you have a truck sidelined by unplanned service needs, waiting is the worst. It can a minute can feel like eternity as nervous energy takes hold. Often times, a little information or a quick update can help alleviate the tension. That’s the aim of Volvo Trucks North America’s new

Counter cargo theft with the right insurance

Cargo theft is a very real threat. Right now, trailer loads are likely under surveillance. Organized crime rings record routes, watch truck stops, monitor driver and fleet behavior that leaves trailers unsecured and then they pounce. These aren’t smash and grabs where the perps hope they get lucky. These are well-timed, orchestrated events that target

Making truck service data visible, actionable, easy to understand

The headline of this post is easier said than done. All data-driven service providers are aiming to help fleets reduce downtime through better use of truck service information, but the above three points of focus are specifically what Navistar is driving toward, according to Brian Mulshine, director, customer experience, Navistar. I caught up with Brian

Virtual training is here to stay. Now how do you use it?

Part of the very small upside to the pandemic was the advancements in digital tools, or perhaps more accurately, advancements in the people actually using the digital tools we had at our disposal. Virtual training on both the product knowledge and service side of trucking was available, but the pandemic put its usage into high