Inside the Mack MD Electric

Inside the Mack MD Electric

FE got behind the wheel of the Mack MD Electric at a recent event in Sonoma, California.

California’s Sonoma Raceway is about an hour north of San Francisco, and for racing fans, it’s probably best known as the host of a wide variety of racing events from NACAR, IndyCar, Ferrari, and many others. It’s one of the few tracks to host NASCAR races on a dirt track. But on October 30, on a beautiful sunny morning, it also served as our opportunity to drive a brand-new electric truck: the Mack MD Electric.

Mack told those of us at the event in Sonoma that we were among the first non-Mack employees to participate in a ride and drive of these trucks. I was able to get behind the wheel and take the truck up and down hills, around tight curves, and test out the regenerative braking, all while enjoying the quiet atmosphere and smooth ride that we’ve come to expect from electric trucks.

After our drive, I spoke with Tyler Ohlmansiek, Mack’s director of e-mobility sales, about the new EVs. See what he had to say, and get a look at the new trucks, in the video above.

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