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Kenworth Icon 900 fleet reward truck ride along


With the driver shortage putting pressure on fleets to employ drivers and keep them in their seats, OEs are offering premium reward trucks as an equipment-based solution to entice drivers to their business. Kenworth’s limited edition Icon 900 is definitely an eye-catching, head-turning, chromed-out killer of a trucker’s truck, but what does it offer a fleet looking to improve its bottom line? Watch to find out.

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Fleetguard-Coolant-Group Fleetguard-Coolant-Group

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Five things you should know about heavy-duty coolant

21-CF-7883-Coolant-Landing-Page-Ads-L1-mg 21-CF-7883-Coolant-Landing-Page-Ads-L1-mg

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What coolants will battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell trucks require?

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