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Minimizer unveils heavy-duty truck seats


Minimizer has announced a new line of heavy-duty truck seats. The seats sport 14 standard features, according to Minimizer, are upper and lower lumbar support; a 135-degree swivel base that allows the driver to spin the seat inboard if they want access to the cab; both air height adjustment with memory as well as a physical shock absorber; and numerous adjustments built into the seat to ensure comfort for each body type. Optional features offered a heated backrest and seat cushion, along with either a cooled backrest and seat cushion or a revitalizing massager. The seats offer the company’s lifetime warranty.

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“This isn’t our core area, so we partnered with a global leader, Isringhausen, to produce a truck seat drivers will love,” Minimizer Chief Executive Officer and Chief Visionary Craig Kruckeberg said.



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