Eight fleets selected to participate in NACFE's electrification initiative

Eight fleets selected to participate in NACFE’s electrification initiative

The transition to electric vehicles is about much more than just the trucks themselves. It is about charging, infrastructure and more.

This fall, eight fleet depots will take part in North American Council for Freight Efficiency’s (NACFE) and RMI’s Run on Less – Electric DEPOT (RoL-E DEPOT), which is focusing on the scaling of electric trucks across a variety of market segments. According to NACFE, the following fleets are helping to showcase what it takes to move from one or two electric vehicles to 15 or more. The transition to electric vehicles is about much more than just the trucks themselves. It is about charging, infrastructure, grid capacity, resilience, etc. RoL-E DEPOT will allow NACFE to share best practices for scaling electric trucks at depots.

  1. Frito-Lay in Queens, NY
  2. OKProduce in Fresno, CA
  3. Penske in Ontario, CA
  4. Pepsi Beverages in Sacramento, CA
  5. Performance Team Logistics in Commerce, CA
  6. Schneider in South El Monte, CA
  7. UPS in Compton, CA
  8. WattEV in Long Beach, CA

“The majority of fleets in RoL-E DEPOT are located in California. Our goal with this event was to showcase fleets that are now deploying 15 or more trucks and we had hoped to have a wider geographic representation,” said Dave Schaller, director of industry engagement, NACFE. “The reality is that at this point the majority of fleets with 15 or more electric trucks are in California, but, we believe they are a good representation of the benefits and challenges of deploying electric vehicles at scale.”

Accompanying the event will be a 10-session “Electric Depot Bootcamp,” powered by ACT News. The first two sessions, “Best Practices for Utility-Fleet Relationships” and “Grants and Incentives for the Trucks and Infrastructure” have already been held.

Other topics are:

  • Electric Truck Developments
  • Faster Charging — Opportunities and Challenges at 360KW and Higher
  • Opportunities to Extend BEV Range
  • Electricity Resiliency and Availability
  • Current and Future Regulations for Zero-Emission Trucks
  • Selecting and Managing Cost-Effective Charging
  • Scaling Charging Infrastructure Equipment
  • Electric Deport Site Planning and Construction

The three-week event will start on September 11, 2023, and will feature metrics and real-world stories. You can register for the Electric Depot Bootcamp here.

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