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Making the Right Battery Choice for Your Fleet

Putting the right battery in the right application makes all the difference when it comes to uptime and fleet performance. The wrong type of battery, or ones not equipped for your fleet’s needs, can turn routine maintenance into emergency replacements, and anything done in an emergency or on the side of the road will cost

Prestolite Electric to begin production on new alternator line

Prestolite Electric will begin producing a new line of Leece-Neville IdlePro Extreme 24V 600- and 680-amp brushless alternators later this year at its manufacturing facility in Arcade, N.Y. The new production line is being added due to increasing demand from several North American customers, the company says. The company says Leece-Neville IdlePro Extreme 24V 600-

Battery maintenance: Know your warranty

What do you do when your dealer refuses to warranty batteries because their pocket electronic tester says the batteries are good?

Battery truck electrical
Cold weather starting tips for truck batteries

The colder the battery is, the less efficient it is.

Harnessing the power to ensure startability in cold weather

Some fleets consider battery replacement and service costs to be simply unavoidable—but that doesn’t have to be true.

Clore Automotive releases new wheeled battery charger

Clore Automotive has released a 12/24-volt intelligent wheel charger, from Solar. The PL3760 provides three operational modes for service: auto charging mode, stable power mode and engine start assistance mode.

Fleet Future Podcast, episode 2: The present and the future of electric truck batteries

The battery is, of course, crucial to the future of electric trucks. For electric trucks to become more viable in real-world applications, batteries will have to hit a certain standard. So what is that standard, and how far away might it be? Joshua Goldman of Transpower, manufacturer of the batteries for Peterbilt’s electric trucks, is our guest as we talk through these issues and more on the electric trucking future.

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East Penn releases new commercial truck battery

East Penn has launched its Fahrenheit battery technology for commercial truck applications.

PulseTech Products details Pulse Technology for lead-acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries, if improperly recycled, can result in long lasting legacies that harm both the environment and humans, said PulseTech Products Corp., an early adopter of corporate green product policy that keeps all types of lead-acid based batteries out of the waste stream, landfills and smelters. According to statistics used by PulseTech, 98% of lead-acid batteries

Harnessing the power: Spec’ing batteries to meet today’s electrical system demands

The demands placed on today’s fleets are staggering. In addition to increased efficiency demands on the mechanical side, computer systems, ECUs, GPS, iPhones, TVs, reefer units and countless other innovations tax the truck’s electrical system. The electrical demands are more than ever in history, and demand for voltage is not going away—it’s going to grow.

Heavy-duty Truck Sleeper Batteries